The Garou Lounge: Sakura Defends Arcades from Bottom Barrel Netcodes

Volt said:

why dont you post some corn in the OP? DevilJin fed us onion and pineapple pizza!

Volt moved to a practice squad hoe until Veserius teaches him how to access practice mode.

Evo Japan: Sho Sho Sho edition

School Girl Swag, no squiggas allowed.

Bea runs a tournament, Bonita doesnt win at Evo or in hers…

Bea Iank the best Braziliam SF Female.

Polka Dot Bikinis > Silver Idom perv outfits.

Not 24, cant be Young Kobe:


Rip Kobe.
I don’t really watch basketball but still. Sad times.


New thread.

Reading about Kobe’s death really jacked my spirit up today. Knowing his daughter died as well hurts even more. Philly gave him a lot of shyt back in the day, but everyone here loves Kobe and knows what he meant to the NBA and Lower Merion. RIP to him and Gianna.


He was my childhood hero, slightly after A.I. I’m currently living where he lived during his childhood, Kobe is like a god here in Reggio Emilia. Too soon, he was too brilliant for this world probably. One of his daughters being with him is the final Dagger on this shitty day.

Still hope it’s just a nightmare.


Sakura won evo over karin in a stacked tournament.

Sf5 balance is starting to even out.

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tenor (9)

I can’t even put up a witty answer to that first post rn.

Damn, it’s fucked up that Kobe died all of a sudden, but his daughter too?

Legit sad rn.


When a new character wins Evo it’s like when you score a line through an army of ants.

Tragic and regrettable death, rest in peace.

However, not sure if the topic title is something you should had went for.Way to remind us all of the tragic event every time we visit SRK forums…


January is going just like you’d expect with 2020 being the year of the rat apparently.

I agree, @Pertho plz, change that title.

I did not like when the Lakers stole the Finals away from the Kings back in the day in 2002 (can you tell I live in Sacramento yet?). But at the end of the day, I respected Kobe’s hustle. Very few can compare to how good he was. May God bless his family richly.


NBA thread also has a title honoring Kobe. Apologies if it sounds direspectful to you guys.

I’m open to suggestions.


Both of my fav Basketball players of all time. Kobe and The Answer. Loved watching them.

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Something about Sak winning


Facts Kobe passing is sad but AI dying would have me in shambles

My favorite era of basketball


Yeah, it’s silly but the fact that AI is from VA too would make that hit me harder. Still remember him crossing up Jordan. I’m not even a Laker fan and this Kobe situation hurts and that was before I found out about his daugther. I still remember buying this back in the day.


Honest Karate Girl wins Evo Japan, Rashid downplayers rejoice around the world.

Best I can come up with rn. I suck at naming things, but this should work as a quick replacement.