The Garou: MOTW Expo Tournament (With prizes)

OK so I made a topic about the idea, and now that we had one part of this I must say its shaping up ok.

I’ll periodically update this first post to include the various tournament infos.

The next scheduled tournament is June 30th, 2007, at 8:00PM on #garoutournament on EFnet, make sure to bring people to play! If enough people join it will be double elimination.

As you collect points based on place in the various tournaments, you will advance in the ranks, and there will be special tournaments with different rules that will be worth more points for playingin them (Tizoc only for example!).

The final tournament will require a certain point cap to join, and the 1st place winner of that will recieve a prize. (That wont be announced until then)

The prize is not why you should be playing, rather for a huge gathering of Garou!

-MAME 0.64
-Boss characters allowedddd
-Both players must agree on a server. If one wants to host a private server, so be it.
-If a ds or time out occurs, replay it as if the round didnt count.
-Play in Arcade Mode, not Home.
-Set 1.

Ace_uno: 10 Points.
Evenshade: 7 Points.
Xorcist: 5 Points
Hitaro: 3 Points
Spudly: 1 Point
Goat: 1 Point
DarkNecrid: 1 Point
Goten X: 1 Point
Braver: 1 Point

The time may have to be changed to 9:00PM central instead of 8:00PM central, but I will update this topic if that is the case.

Time has been changed to 4:00PM central.

Time changed until July 1st, 2007 at 9:00PM central.

I’ll be there… again. But this time, if no one shows… I insist I’m allowed to fight the computer for my points. :slight_smile:

Bump! Is this tourney still on? If not anyone up for some ranbats this weekend?

Did I miss the tournament by any chance?

Yeah its done, no one has interest in prizes.

Or a damn fine game.

I was actually going to join, but now i have to find me a new controller for the pc.