The Gathering of the Destined

Our revolution people decided to go on hold ( you know who you are… ) so, where were we? This is the gathering of the destined, some weird endings Capcom writers do for vs. games is what we talk about and certain rivalry’s and legends we discuss.

Now, we know what happens to Jin after MvC1 - he dies two ways: By killing Onslaught and Disappearing or dies at the hands of bison. But perhaps the differential to all of that was bison killing him, and thus, it was shadow lady’s ending and not Jin’s.

Now why Bison kills him still remains a mystery to me, but the only way he could be saved in that ending was to be cybernated by shadow and shadow lady. Then Jin turns cyber like both individuals. Now that was a weird ending, maybe bison should have more control over his creations, as to them saving Jin anyway - it looked like they were still agaisnt bison, but it was bison who created shadow and shadow lady. And for that, Charlie and Chun-li both should be dead because shadow and shadow lady looks exactly like them, or at least they were captured by some means and turned into machines. But if that’s true, what about the Charlie/Blanka ordeal? hmmmm…

Well I for one know about Bison’s ordeal with controlling his creations, which has been a persistent problem bison seems to have as of late. He couldn’t control Cammy’s actions and ways of the living in some SF games ( Particularly Ahlpa3 ) and even Juni and Juli seem bothersome ( Probably because of his intense build up in his Psycho Power… ) It doesn’t appear to me that Shadow and Shadow Lady share common characteristics in being made the same way as both Juni and Juli, as you said, Bison turned Charlie into Blanka - so how could Shadow ever exist? No wonder he was a hidden Character ( and Shadow Lady for that matter )…:bluu:

I think the irrelevant issue to it not making any sense stands out for me.:smiley:

Why ryu goes on and learns the Shin Shoryuken, I have no idea. He never was like focusing his ability to learn Dragon Punches, only hadokens. For that matter, if ken is that determined to defeat ryu in battle - I wonder why doesn’t he train in perfecting his Hadoken? Might as well, the Passion of a fighters spirit I guess…

Whoa, this sure went up quick. You all must be online or somethin…

A Alpha 4 seems unlikely at this point and time: Bison dies in every one of the fighters stories no matter who you pick in Alpha3. He usually Collapses with Psycho Energy.

I never knew that because I never played as “Everybody”

It seems that many endings on characters tells the story of other individuals fate in MvC1.

Yet another person dies on MvC1 ( or vanishes, I dunno… )

That person is Captin America, disappears the same way Jin does. But yet indeed, it was the Hulk’s ending and not Captin’s.

I’m not sure if Chun-li’s weight ( I think it was weight… ) was ever revealed to SF Followers. Most games that show her data as far as weight goes I think, always have a “?” on her weight. Hmmmm…

Captin goes as well? God Damn…

Have you beat the game with Onslaught? It’s one of the worst endings I’ve ever seen. NOTHING HAPPENS!!!

It was pretty cheap. I’d say A3 had the best endings a SF game could get. Each character has their own unique ending and it was exciting to see.

Gen’s life of illness shall get the best of him during his battle with Gouki. So even if he manages to defeat him, his life is at its end. We know the Gouki can block Gen’s Zanei, and we also know that Gen could survive the Shun - Goku - Satsu - both or really destined to do battle together.

Bottom Line: Gen would die of natural cause ( that’s even if he manages to defeat Gouki )

Bottom Line: Gouki dies by an unpredictable Special Move by gen.

That’s my wrap up on that theory…

Yeah, Gen fucks you over by changing his technique. So it’s hard to notice what he’ll do next. Sometimes, he catches you off guard and makes you pay.

It’s not just Gen Gouki has to worry about, Adon seems to have something to prove to him as well. Ha, I don’t think Adon has the skills to beat him. Beating Sagat was a start, but that’s not going to cut it against the Master of the Fist.

I would imagine sagat was a bit disturbed for the shoryuken cut ryu did to him on his chest ( A3 ). For that it clouds judgement when one loses to another, sagat may as well loss his battle with adon not focused.


I was reading EGM ( I think it was EGM ) a little while back and they were talking about “Gay” Street Fighters.

It would seem that gay street fighter characters or getting alot of attention by gay players who play as, uhh… Vega for example - are actually happy Capcom took the time to even think about them based on some gay players around the country.

Vega seems likely Gay, it isn’t much of the consideration that he is though that would stop players from playing as him. ( And we know Gay Street Fighter Players love Vega, so their gonna play as him regardless… )

Yeah, I agree also…

Sakura seems to have a dark side. I wonder if she can control the evil within her seemingly though that Ryu could not ( That’s why there’s an Evil Ryu… )

I thought the writers would tell a story about Dark Sakura, but I haven’t seen any as of late. Like where did she come from or when did it even happen.

To me, Sakura looks alot like Ryu’s little sister. I know she’s not and she’s Ryu’s biggest fan - but I would of loved it if she had been.

If ryu couldn’t control his Evil Ryu presence, I don’t think Sakura can.

Either way, Sakura is growing more and more powerful by each passing. She isn’t mature enough to know if training is less likely fun or series, though she knows what it takes as a fighter to win battles.