Wuz up folks. This is the founder and organizer of the new Maryland congregation known as The Gathering. This is for my die hard gamers and those that want to learn or just chill. I invite yall to my home nestled in the nice neighborhood of White Oak (Silver Springs) every two weeks. This is my way of giving back since my ass is basically quitting the scene (alpha 3 head). Since the first gathering, skill levels have increased, the shy have become unshy and a variety of topics have been dealt with or brought up. Ive had outside family come to gatherings (Boston, NC, etc) and enjoyed themselves. Enough of the atmosphere just come and enjoy yourself. Oh my name is ANTHONY for those that never knew and only called me by my nickname, which is my nickname not a gaming title.

[] 4-5 TVs. Consisting from 20 to the big screen 53
] Multiple games running- -> MvC 2, CvS 2, 3s, GGXX, ST, A3, V4
[*] retro moments - -> random snk or Nintendo games played

** THE NECESSITIES (what you need for the illiterate)** :cool:
[] Extra dreamcast* I stress this cause sometimes folks dreamcast tend to act dumb around a group of people
[] Arcade Stick* Another stressed item. Not everyone can play with someone 360 stick or stick from a shoebox control. So bring your own so you wont get owned.
[] Money* - For food: There is a 24hr McDonalds up the street from me. Also there is a Popeyes, Subway, Chinese joint, but they typically close about 11pm. Then you will need a 2 cent minimum for the KOOPS KRIB KONTRIBUTION fund for my final mortgage payment.

** THE DIRECTIONS ** :confused:

1027 McCeney Ave
Silver Spring MD 20901

Ok from wherever you want to get to 495 East (Silver Spring) . Take 28a WHITE OAK exit. You will come out on NEW HAMSPHIRE ave going north. You will know you are going the right way when you see a EXXON, SHELL and a 711 on the second light you come to. Now continue straight and get into your left lane until you reach Schindler St. Make the left and then an IMMEDIATE RIGHT onto the service road for NH ave. Proceed up one block to McCeney and make a left.


HOME - 301-593-8557
WORK - 240-386-4726
CELL - 301-706-1229
AIM - l1lKoopsta


Typically I try to start from 7pm until 3am (may vary due to an event or whatnot)

** KOOPS KRIB FAQ** :smiley:

Am I allowed to drink (alcohol) in you crib?

-Sure, not mine, bring you own. Long as your able to hold it down and get ya ass own. If youre a smoka, then step outside with your goodies

Can we bring friends?
-Sure just make sure they respect my crib

Are women gonna be there???
-Sometimes my woman will be there, but I doubt the atmosphere will draw women to the lair :depress:

What happens if I wipe my hands on those nice towels in the bathroom :sweat:
-Well let just say the woman that you will encounter will not be nice

I just finished a basketball game then some crucial combo practicing can I come right over?
-No, take a shower first

Can we gamble??
-Why suuuure. Thing is though house rules call for a quarter on every dollar made

What if I lose to Bmore chun and I dont have the money to pay up? :sweat:
-Well I dont know, thats for yall to decide after exiting my home

If I break something will you forgive me?

  • yeah after you experience an moment of unconsciousness

What if I act gay and sissy like Dr. Cloudman

  • eventually you will be ignored until you prove yourself

Right now I am im Guyana. I plan on have the next gathering


The back to school special. I will post later with more info.

I don’t know koop. I don’t think that I am going to be gaming for a whole month. I just am all 3rd Striked out.

I played games for at least ten hours a day for four days. I am super tired of gaming right now.

Anyway I usually change my mind at the last minute so we will see what’s up by then.


Sounds cool! But like Eric said some people might me still kind of worn out from Evo by then :wink: I hope for all the people that went to Evo got some good footage! lol I’ll be there depending on how many people are going to show. L8ter!

I’ll have to see what’s going on that weekend: a co-worker asked me to help her move into her new house and I had promised to help a long time ago. Will definitley keep this in mind however!

Evo - still kicking my ass right now…hope all that came had a good time

if i’m still at home i’ll definitely be there. MvC2 players try and come early, i’m in learning mode for 3s and CvS2. If anyone wants to play for money bring some 100s cause my monopoly board is out.

it’s the 23rd?

i would LOVE to come but our me and HVS are throwing a marvel tourny here…however from the looks of it like 3 people are showing up but we still want to be there to try and run it just incase

i hope all goes well and i really want to chill with you guys again…it’s been way to long:(

Again, this is dependant on how you guys feel. I made this thread as the main thread to see when the next gatherings are going down. So if the majority are still worn out or not feeling the date I will push it to sept, because I will be in memphis labor day weekend.

Probably will be there.

The 23rd sounds cool to me. I just hope nothing comes along and derail my plans that weekend. That shit’s been happening lately.

hey, i’ll try to be a part of this too. i’ll bring the kof flava to ya’ll :slight_smile:
i play A3 a lil bit too. i’m down, i’ll see what i can do about getting over there.

I’ll try and make it to this, i know you guys have been lacking in the marvel competition, so don’t worry i’ll come :smiley: .

i just want 3S comp. :evil:

I’ll be there (now with improved ggxx skills). Might have to bust out some serious marvel comp if big man Issac (or should I say mr. mvc2 Pete lol) is going. :smiley:

Get off his nuts, James. :smiley:

And I’ll practice up some GGXX just so I can play half as good as I used to.

OH, and I might have VF4 Evo.

Well I am back from Guyana, and might I say I had a ball and the lord blessed me and my woman to come back safely. But the bad thing is I thought I was gonna have the day off to chill like she did but unfortunatly that NY blackout effects us so we HAD to report in. I see alot going on since EVO so some folks have alot of explaining to do.

Koop out

yo, next saturday for this, can somebody come scoop me?
i live in Dundalk/Sparrow’s point.
i’ll pitch in gas money.

Damn, sound like charles stay in debt…:lol: :lol: :lol:


The 23rd is not looking good people…I may have to change to the following weekend…stay tuned for more info.


hope nothing too serious is causing a change in a plans. i really wanna play these bmore people cause after this saturday i’m leaving for school and i won’t be coming back anytime soon. i dun wanna miss koop’s back to school event.