ok… I think I’m going to do this… This may be a shock… the next tournament could possibly be at… The Clinton-Surratts Public Library in Clinton, MD.

I know what you’re saying… “spar… you fucking crackhead! a library? wtf!?!”

no… i’m not on crack, bitch… so fuck you.
this shit is as close to perfect as it gets considering our no-arcade situation.

I can only do this on Saturday August 14th.
We get the meeting room for 8 hours, but only from 10am-5pm.
The meeting room has a max capacity of 200 people so there’s plenty of space.

the drawbacks…
10am to fucking 5pm!! That means we would have to run on a super fucking strict schedule, and we would need a fuck load of TVs and dreamcasts to get shit done ASAP. If we have at least 6TVs I’m sure we can get the major 4 game tournaments done in 5 hours (mvc2,cvs2,3rd,st)… unless the tournament is massive. (i doubt it will be that big) I would also need a lot of help. The tournament would have to be over by 4:30 because i’m sure it will take 30 minutes to clean up and get all the shit out of there.

another major drawback… no money can be exchanged on the property of the library. So I will have to find a way to collect entrance fees outside of the library. (but not… near… the library…)

the cost to rent the room out is 60 bucks for the full 8 hours. So I would probably take a dollar from CVS2 and MVC2 entry fees, and .50 from 3rd strike. Whatever it takes to get the 60 bucks back. If we have a lot of people, the take from the pot will be less.

shit, maybe i am on crack… a fucking public library holding a sf tournament… :confused:

anyways… i know a lot of you are gung-ho for a tournament… but think about it for a second before you go “fuck yea sparatik… do that fucking library tournament!” Does anyone think this will work? Would would volunteer? Who would bring their TVs and dreamcasts? I need to know ASAP, because I don’t want anyone to take the aug14th spot.

**BTW, Clinton, MD is where I live. (what a coincedence! ;)) If you’ve ever been to my house, the library is that building on the left side of the road before you turn right into my neighborhood. For those of you who have no clue where Clinton is… it’s Exit 7 off 95 (the waldorf exit)… you go down the road about 5 miles and you’re there.

suggestions, bitches. gimme. now.

Koop says:


Sorry, location is perfect though. Size is right. But what kills it is the timeline given to us. Seriously. Super strict…damn. You KNOW how gamers are!!! YOU KNOW they are late…you know they loiter, you know they don’t come immediately when called. Next getting the equipment maybe easy (like me an you) but how many else. Then you have to sit back and divide the time with the amount of TV’s

Not that place dave…not the library. The time killed it…really killed it. If I hold a gathering saturday night, we shall discuss this further.

EDIT: plus that library looks spooky when driving past it. I keep seeing a episode of scooby doo happening…

thanks for the reply koop.

i figure we could run the shit from 12-5 fine if we had enough tvs… late people just need to learn how to get somewhere on fucking time for once in their life…

:lol: :lol:

Tell the library if they further our time…we will sign up for a library card and join a book club. Eric Lee would subscribe to relationships: telecommunicating it and bmore would check out Eliminating Snoring: a dummys edition.

See…we can help the area out!!

Aigt i talked to the guy at VGA and that shit is not gonna happen that fool came out of his mouth and said “$100 and hour” but i’m sure we can work somehting out. I was like what the fuck. Well i’m not sure about the library I know i’m not even woke at 10am so i gotta crash at a niggaz crib. But other than that i think that this shit could work. So fuck it i’m down an so is everyone else in Baltimore. (Boy i just sounded so powerful lik a gang leader) Anyway this sunds like a good idea so lets make it happen.


PS: i’ll even help run the brackets :evil: :rolleyes: :wink: i love smilies

$100 an hour… did you smack the shit out of him after he said that?

community centers charge about $30 bucks an hour for rooms… the library is the only place that has a flat fee… and it’s so low…

i’ll keep looking for other options… but please, more feedback everyone.

i don’t think there’s anyway we can get them to extend the time… the place locks the door at 5pm sharp.

i’m still looking… but this seems to be the best place… so far.

How much does it coast to rent out the conference rooms at hotels like holiday inn?

I’ve called a few hotels in the past, and they all ask for at least $400 for the whole day.

If anyone knows cheaper places… let me know.

Dave, I need those pics…the johan one at taco bell especially. Come on man…don’t hold out…

i just called a holiday inn… they are asking for $700+tax for a 40 person meeting room for 10 hours.

some of the pics

:lol: :lol:

I dont appreciate the sleep wear pic of me!!! lmao




i haven’t seen that tacobell picture in a while… Johan’s face, OMFG… :lol:

thats the one i need…where is it? gotta make this avatar!!

Shit i lost weight since then i can actually see the difference.

Nic job editing the pic

No i didn’t smack the shit out of him because he said that shit with such a straight face i had to respect it.


Do you think this library have any books on the Kama Sutra? :lol:

tacobell pic owns. :lol:

WFT is happening to my mouth

those pics are fucking hilarious. Brings back memories lol

Christian, we’ve had many aim chats about this, take off that fucking headband you gook. :o

Captain Skisonic skisonic.JPG to the rescue…

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