I asked the Building Supivisor and he said he will check into it. Keep you fingers cross. But the one thing we have to do is decide on a date because i told him it was going to be on a Saturday at the end of this month, which we know is Evo. I told him we were going to have our gathering for 6 or 7 hours and that it was going to be like 16 of us. I said that to make him feel comfortable.

Well since unreally is having the gathering in bmore on the 24th, I was thinking of something after evo in last august… like the 21st.

Cool, I’ll run that past him. That is also my b-day. :o

What is everyone doing this weekend? I need some comp!!!

Battle of B-more - it wil lbe the spot :lol: -my spot tp be exact. Check MD/VA thread or the Battle of B-more thread for more details. I got a ton of peopel coming from the pms and messages I’m coming - bring your A game and some friends with at least B games :slight_smile:

Hey Dave, it seems like a go with the board room but we need a definite date for it. I think the 21st of August should be it and that is what I told him.

21st could be cool. How big is the room? Would it hold like 8tvs, and 40 people? also, where is it located?

Funny… look at our tournament options now. A public library, and an office board room. So this is what has become of the MD/VA scene. :lol:

Hey it could of been a strip club…but my cousins fiance’ hasn’t finished the renovations yet:bluu: . That was going to be my suprise but my family slacks on shyt all the damn time…

Now THAT would be entertainment :lol:
I could see someone offering a lap dance to someone if they let them win.
“Yo Koop - I’ll raise you a Betty Bottoms lap dance if you don’t pick your athena” - :lol:

It’s pretty big and I think it could hold 8 TV’s, if not 8 then maybe 7. When you get back from Evo Dave, swing by the BOE and I can show you it. I wish we could have our tourney in a strip club. :lol: :lol:

After talking with Bmore, I’ve decided to have a CvS2 tournament this weekend.

First CvS2 Tournament
Standard 1v1
Best 3 out of 5

5 TV’s
3 Tournament
2 Casual

<–Has a Mame Setup! Bring ROMS, I’ll have the adapters you need. (Beta Page and where to get vids after the tournament)

Mapquest it! (I’m right down the street from city place)
7206 Carrol Ave.
Takoma Park, MD

I will be there for that

is that this weekend or the 20th. not sure if i can make it if its on the 20 and is it far from any metro center. not sure if i can get a ride.

edit: When does this thing start??

and i found it only less than a mile form the takoma metro station so its in walking distace i would say or the have a couple of buses going there.

:woot: :woot: Its this saturday…/ beware alot of md srubs will be going?!

from metro center you have to take the red line to takoma metro, then its about a 5-10 minutes walk, or you can take the bus, i dunno which bus it is, but i’d just walk, someone can pick you up or meet you there.

On Cam’s name, the tournament will be starting around Noon.

Please call me at 301-270-8100 and leave a message, I’ll get back to you and explain directions if need be.

Hey Nas try to get more people to go. Everyone needs to talk
for practice sessions for NEC torney coming up soon. I’ll
try to get that bum Jody to come.

Well Charles needs to post some contact numbers…so people can be ok if they come or get lost.


Now, Charles [burningfist], your parents are not going to trip are they. Just making sure cause I can see the drama now.

“All these b…b.b.b…bl…bl…urban youths?”

Charles your failing a few things buddy:

-What time is the tournament???

-How is your setup…are you ok on dreamcast and the game itself

-What is the size of your basement…

-Are your folks and neighbors going to be ok with the “urban youth and grown folk” around?

-Where is the eating places

Trying to help ya out here. Cause you will be shocked with the turnout thinkin it will be small.