The GD Selfie thread, Let's play Black or Crack!...a... ok I suck at these puns


Well it seems some people actually want to see what we all all look like. Post away!

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These forums suck!

This pic is like 4 years old, but it’s all I can find.


(lol@ my own finger. Jesus.)


Old, but the statement still stands.

Baja Fresh Nacho Burrito, A#1


no selfies, I’m afraid on this phone. But this’ll have to do. An old pic from earlier this year


I already posted what you all look like. :coffee:

Probably no pics on this computer. Maybe I can help with your pun.

Crack epidemic? For black people?! Way negative. So people who aren’t black, are on crack whaaa

“Black don’t crack!” - about the black women.


Don’t ask me where I got the shirt :rofl:



^^^Where did u get that shirt? I HAVE to have that lol


that was earlier in the year. that was in the play room as we used to call it. Right now that room is being made into my man cave bc, lil girl has her own room now.



I KNEW IT! EDIT! :rofl:


I did not expect the Epidemic to look so… responsible.



I bet he’s really articulate, too :rolleyes:


Wait… that’s THE EPIDEMIC? Yo, don’t ever talk about punching chimps again. Go start a negro N’Sync band.


Haters gonna hate.


Deal with it!


Eh, what the hell. One from a month or so back.



The GOOD boxers still look good after retirement. Remember that lil nigga!

Aye…it took me like 4 days to set that room up. Dont hate nigga. If you come to FR next year ill let you come over and play with some builder blocks too.


Recent selfie at work


Edit: i suck at hosting and linking shit.


We all know what I look like, but…



Why do you have a golden razor blade around your neck? Quick Suicide Option?