The GD Technology Thread - v. COVID

Welcome to the Technology Thread! You can discuss non-video game technologies here, such as phones, tablets, and other random nerd shit that the regular threads don’t cover.

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Modern technology

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I been looking into smart displays as of late. I’m thinking of picking a few Amazon Echo Shows since the fam have been doing a lot of video calls as of late.


That being said, I have a few Tech YT recommendations. Here they are in no particular order:

JerryRigEverything (the teardown and durability test videos are the GOAT)
iJustine (if you ever need a laugh, watch any of the videos that are done with her friend Ro)

Normally, I’d have Unbox Therapy here in some capacity; except their content lately has been a bit shallow, and has been Lew doing reviews/unboxings solo; with no additional crew members due to the human malware situation.

I never been a fan of Unbox Therapy. I never feel like I got a decent look at whatever tech was being covered. The best thing I ever got out of his videos is knowing the existence of human headphones.

If I want a quick look at something, I’ll normally check out their video on it; then use one of the others to form a opinion.

At best, I would only check out their video if I want to see what comes in the box. Mainly, if accessories come with the package.

Unbox Therapy was always Shallow.
Also I wouldn’t call them a Tech Channel.

Tech Channels I follow

He reviews alot of odd stuff, mostly vintage audio gear.

ElectroBOOM (more of a science channel but the guy focuses on Electrical wiring/ electronics).
Come see the Epic Unibrow, stay for the fact the guy usually electrocuted or burns himself in every video.

Its more Retro Console modding, but he does show you how to “strap in” and work on your own stuff.

Simone Giertz
What not to like about a potty-mouthed Swedish Redhead who builds “shitty robots” (her words not mine)

Ben Heck Hacks
Complete with Regrettable acting.

Tom Scott
Not really a tech channel per say, but he brings up amazing Things you might not know

Adrian’s Digital Basement
Guy repairs and refurbish old 80s and 90s microcomputers.

Modern Vintage Gamer
Does a really good job of explaining older gaming tech and the significance of many design choices good and bad. He also does alot of his own coding.

Alots of good 80s and 90s tech and odd ware. Also Woodgrain.

Practical Engineering
Guy makes mundane everyday civil engineering and material science sound interesting

Adam Savage’s Tested
Needs no description

And the Fucking GOAT and I am sad no one said anything about this guy yet

I had forgotten that Ben Heck had a YT channel. I knew about the Tested channel, but I’m not subscribed to it yet, because Adam typically will put the videos up on Twitter.

So, I’ve been using Gesture Browsing for the last week exclusively on my OnePlus 7 Pro. In Android 10’s settings for this, there’s three defaults: the launcher bar that everyone and their mother is used to, swiping down from a corner of the screen to go back, and swiping from right to left to go back. Guess who fucking put the down gesture as the default like a fucking dope? The right to left to go back on stuff bodies that shit free.

Finally got my Honor Band 5 in the mail today. The stuff took over a fucking month to get here from Shenzhen, and was delayed at LAX for something like 10 days or some shit. Originally got my money back from Amazon, but got a tracking number for it over the weekend; to which I promptly let Amazon know. Their response? Keep it.

Also, wtf is Alipay? :rofl:

I’m excited for these. I have the XM2 and they are excellent headphones. If the XM4 has multi device support I’m there day one.

So, initial impressions of the Honor Band 5 after three days of using it:

  • Battery lasts for fucking ever. I don’t think I was halfway down before I plugged it up earlier.
  • The single band design is godawful. I mean, it’s really fucking bad; and the material is basically plastic.
  • Notifications to stand up and stretch every couple of hours whenever I’m sitting.
  • Built-in faces are nice, but they are incredibly simple.
  • Options can be actually removed, so Alipay was gone almost immediately.
  • Step Tracking needs to be improved.

Also, the charging “brick” is small as fuck and looks like it could be lost very easily.

Amazon got a sale on their ring devices. They have their peephole cam with a free 3rd gen echo dot for $80. I don’t have a real need for neither device but it’s too good to pass up.

I don’t use Ring devices because of their app that encourages neighbors to snitch on each other. I’m steady waiting for a sale on Nest cameras …

Oh, and I paid off my phone today!

Ring’s competitors don’t offer a peephole. I live in an apartment so I can’t use the doorbells. Speaking of which, my sister recently brought a house and she has no doorbell. I might get her a Eufy cam as they are the only ones that doesn’t require you to for pay cloud storage for recordings.

Submitted the request last Sunday for the unlock key to unlock my bootloader on my OnePlus 7. That should show up in email while I’m gone for the holiday. Also taking a crapton of tech on the trip as well, not including stuff like my Switch and controllers for it.

I’m going to give this thread a quick bump.

I recently got this

This little thing has a strong bass. Been wanting something like this for a while so I can listen to some music when I ride my bike. Offering from Bose and JBL are double the price of what it cost me for this. It comes with it’s own strip so no need to get anything extra to put it on the bike.

Speaking of bikes, I’m seriously considering getting an ebike. I already setup an appointment with a shop to test ride some of the ones I’m interested in. Fuck me for living in a place with lots of hills.

So, I’m looking at downsizing my Yubikey to one of the Google Titan security fobs. The Yubikey has proven to be a little too much for me, while proving to be much more configurable.

I thought all you needed to do with security fobs is plug into a device to unlock it. Is there something I’m missing here?

Technically, that’s how they work. Since I’m using USB-C a lot now, I’m looking at getting a second/newer one that has that. Yubikey is outrageous on their prices, but it looks like they recently introduced the model I use with a USB-C end. That’s nice, because that cuts the cost down about $20.

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