The GD Voices Thread: From the Mouth of Madness


Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Record yourself saying "Hi, I’m [username]."
Step 3: Select “Click here to save” beneath the plugin.
Step 4: Copy the link.
Step 5: Post it here!


In the future we can read Valaris x RockB fanfics to each other.

The GD Selfie thread, Let's play Black or Crack!...a... ok I suck at these puns
SRK Lounge: aka Facebook/livejournal for GD ...or you know...not

Hi everyone!


Say “Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me.”




Ok. Then say “Are you about a size fourteen?”


…what are you up to mIRC?

Selfies, now voices.


I have nothing to do with the pictures. I just think hearing what someone sounds like is more interesting.


Personally I hate the sound of my voice, so I won’t be sharing. If you hit me up on xboxlive and play a few games of CoD you’ll get to hear a slew of profanities aimed at the opposing team, all spoken in the Queen’s English.


i enjoy the idea of this thread, I am always talking


will contribute once im off


isn’t this you?


Ha ha ha ha ha! Man, my voice sounds weird.

Okay, this one sounds better to me.


Your voice rules; I don’t understand.


Eh, I’ll bite.


It goes with a weird man :coffee:


That contralto, though.
…Have you ever sung, for choir, or anything like that?


Yes. I use to do chorus and sing in the choir (when I use to attend church). Always alto and got as high as 2nd soprano, but, alto is my most comfortable range.


I knew it.
/was in NYSSMA, that intuition

Singing is fun.


Guess it was natural since my mom and aunt pretty much have the same range of voices and their altos as well. I come from a very musically inclined background, but, I just said, fuck it and stuck with art. :rofl: I just sing for funsies now.


Do it again while you’re eating @angelpalm