"The Gen Bible" - Should we do it?

As we all know. The SF4 Gen community is a small, close-knit group of players. The boards are not overly active despite the quality of posts. I propose to you an idea that actually warrants a new thread.

“The Guide To Gen” A “Bible” to our character. Created by the community for the community in order to rally some interest in this character that is slept on so hard. I believe the creation of a free document would be incredibly useful in both the short and long terms. For this game and the next.

If you take a look at the Rindoukan Bible. You see what every guide should be like. It covers everything in extremely good detail with frame data, combos and setups etc along with matchups. I want to do this.

Would anyone be seriously interested with this? It will take a long time and it will take some effort. But I’d love to get this community up and going again with some new blood playing this character. And I think this is the correct way.

Anyone interested?

(I’m talking full on PDF with Images, Lots of writing, Matchups, Move usage, Frame Data, in depth explanations on everything etc. I want this to be the same quality at the Rindoukan Bible, really.)

Although a noble quest I doubt anyone would like to do such a thing. Let’s face it Gen has always and will most likely remain a sleeper character. The info on the character is too much that u may end up with a 300 page PDF lol! I’m currently engaged on a project for my FGC christmas gift so I can’t look into it now. But if anyone is ready then I will give full support. But honestly this is more or less a DUD project

I would participate if there is work for me. You know, because I’m not a good player and can do little of the combos. But I could and would collect certain asked information from the forum threads.
For Gen. :slight_smile:

Who will be ready to read the book

Ready? Do you mean if there is interest?

Yeah, sorry for the bad english

300 page pdf… May be 300 is not enough .hah a…

My point exactly houzi. Sheesh I have forgotten the 3 frame safe jump already lol!

I doubt an over-300-page PDF would draw new players :wink:

The only way possible would be making separate ones, with one covering the basics (no gimmicks like cross-up Ultras whatsoever), with the other covering the rest.

Quite some time ago I somewhat wanted to do this, but I cannot design PDFs very well and gave up because image&text only with no colouring and such would be really dull.

I can provide the newest hitbox images and frame data straight from AE 2012 mook.

That could work.

As a new Gen player (and a player that’s still terrible at the game) I would be extremely happy to have a “Gen Bible”. I’m not sure what format you would do it in however. One of the best things i’ve ever read is the Ibuki Player Guide. If you plan to create a guide that’s basically like that (information and technique wise of course, format isn’t as important) then I at least will be extremely appreciative. I have trouble with Gen, learning when to switch stances and especially during combo’s, what inputs to use to get hands after cl.hp easily or FADC. I’m sure the guide would cover even the simple stuff right?

Either way if you do decide to do the guide it would be greatly appreciated and may help other players understand Gen and might even pick him up.

hmm… I guess its worth giving a shot. I guess one should be up in January-March 2013.

Right. I’m back.

Ugo. It would work. No way in hell would this guide be even close to 100 pages. Nevermind this magical number 300 that apparated from nowhere. This guide is not going to include every setup and gimmick. It is a guide to Gen as a character, a guide catered towards beginners. Nevermind this Phonebook of knowledge.

Normals, Specials, Frame Traps, Setups, Basic Tactics, Video Links, Images, Matchups, Oga + xx > Hands

Shit like that. It can be done. And I’m happy to do it.

(People have to stop thinking Gen is Super SSS+++ Tier difficulty to use. Cut that shit out)

How should this start btw? Do we just send a bunch of data to you and you type them all out in a PDF file, or is there another way to make it work?

I’m definitely in to help out.

Awesome. I’ll make a huge post kick starting this project this Saturday. Lets gooooooo

If you’re going to do this. I suggest you don’t just open up a blank PDF page and start typing, that way you’ll never complete it most likely. You need a solid schedule/plan before starting to actually type.

I’ve spent the best of 5 days simply formatting it. Give me some more time and I’ll upload the template for the actual guide.

I would be very happy to read this. I’m new to Gen and don’t know much about him yet, so this would be a great help!

Lol day 6 and my USB corrupted, Lost about 4 Hours of work. Pissed.

But none the less, I have 3 builds of the template, I’ll have them up soon~