The Gen challenge thread

Okay, lets have some fun and test that execution.

It goes like this: one of us (in this instance me) proposes a challenge combo/scenario/whatever to be attempted in a genuine match (obviously not a tournament match unless you are genuinely insane). Video evidence of its success will be required. The first person to succeed and provide evidence will then be the next to suggest a scenario.

The person setting the challenge should not be allowed to compete in it. It should also be something that is actually possible.

I’ll try to keep updating this post with them for as long as I can still edit it.

Your challenges if you wish to accept them:

  1. Perform ©5lp xx ©2lp > hp.hands xx super or ex.hands (m)u2 in a match.

K done it next.

cough rtfm cough

Video proof. Troll :wink:

Mantis mkhand facd hpmkhand fadc hpmk ex hand mk hand or hpmkhand fadc mpmpmkhand fadc mpmpmk light geiko/matis crlklp stlp crlkmk to super hk geiko or ultra in matches

in ssf4ae