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Since we have a lot fewer players for our character than a lot of others, it would be awesome to get to know each other a bit more. We all need to help each other as much as possible in our gameplay with the senior assassin.

My real name is Frank, I’m 20 and from Connecticut, U.S. I started playing Gen because I love his character design and I wanted a character not a lot of people used. I use him now because I like having dominant footsies.

So who’s out there?


not a bad idea


My real name is Thomas, but i go by Tommy. I live in Oklahoma city, OK and yes it the middle of nowhere for fighters. i started really playing fighting games a year before street fighter 4 came out on 3rd strike with ibuki. i usually play characters that have a great design like gen and ibuki. bad thing is most of time the character not really good beginner like me, but i keep playing them because they are really fun. still looking to improve because my bad footsies and spacing gets me killed most of the time.



I’m Paul, I’m in my 20’s and I own my own pet shop business. I was born and raised in Los Angeles California, and I’ve lived here my whole life. My main character used to be Bison until I started picking up Gen. I used to think Gen was the most uninteresting and boring character because he’s old, but when I started using him in Vanilla, I was proven completely wrong. His personality, story, fighting style, having 2 movesets, uniqueness, just everything about him really appealed to me. I play an extremely defensive playstyle, and I love Gen mirror-matches, so if you’re ever up for some matches, feel free to add me for some.



laid off union electrician. gen just kinda clicks for me. i can play 10 characters or so at a decent level, but gen feels more natural to me in this game than any other character. even with my old main fei being top tier, he just feels strange for me to play with



Im Mehdi, 22 years old and I live in Morroco , i start to play Gen since alpha series a long time ago but he wasn’t my main, when SF4 came out i choose him, the reason why its admiration,no one intresting, story and also the Kung fu ,the bad thing is i have a bad connection with American people i just hope to upgrade it and play mirrors :slight_smile:


I need to upgrade my connection too lol

Gen is really the only character I think about maining. He’s the only one that feels fun, but solid. I tried switching, but I’m pretty bad with other characters. I can play other characters in casuals, but I’ll always fall back to Gen in SF4. I think I play a very poke and footsies based game. I like to think I have good footsies and spacing, but I am really lacking in the gimmick department.


I completely agree with you 100%. Gen is the only character that I truly enjoy playing with. Even if they nerf him again and make him a worse character then what he is now, I still wouldn’t drop him for anyone else. I don’t like to go for gimmicks either, unless the person I’m playing against isn’t well-informed about the matchup.


Real name is Brian. I’m 24 in a couple months. Played Gen since the first day of SF4. Created many gimmicks and created the phrase “Genanigans” (to the best of my knowledge. Everyone started to say it after I got it hype a while back). Used Gen because I grew up watching Kung Fu movies and Gen was just amazing to me. I try to rep him to the best I can these days. I like the fact that not alot of people know the matchup still after a few years of Gen being out in SF4. I beasted on FChamp a few days ago. His Rog vs my Gen, and clearly he knew nothing of the matchup.

That’s pretty much the jist of it. Even if my main changes, I’ll never drop Gen. Proven it many times. Love him to much. -bro fist-


+Bows+ Hello my name is Brennan. I like long walks on the beach, I love it when you bring me roses and chocolates. Street Fighter versus matches are the way to my heart. LOL JK. I’m 27, currently back in school for programming, and hate it because 60% of it is interviewing and basically not programming. I’ve been playing fighters since SF1. Akuma was my first real main and I really never played anyone else until Vanilla. I ALWAYS picked Akuma. But since so many Akuma players were online, and since I HATE mirror matches no matter the character, yes even Gen, I wanted to change mains. After seeing Yeb and Jibb0 play at Evo, I decided I wanted to learn him. I rebought Xbox 360(was playing Vanilla on PSN) and picked up SF4 and practiced my heart out. I was out of work and from Nov until Super came out I got to about 20K points. Rhyllis is my other hero for Gen. But besides fighters, I love First Person Shooters, Real Time Strategy, and a few others. I used to play Counter-Strike semi-professionally with a team called Darkside. I also played Quake3 for them. I love all sports, but mainly hockey. I’m into so many things that really I could write a book about myself. But here is me in a half of a nutshell :wink:



I’m Jason. I’m 22… Not really very active in the forums, but hey, I main Gen so why not and this isn’t a bad idea. Originally from Germany, recent (last year) Los Angeles transplant (for school). I was juggling Chun-li and Gen since Alpha (and chun for the most part of 3rd strike), but decided for my new years resolution I will concentrate on Gen from here on out.

Been using gen so much lately that I accidentally stance switch with Chun sometimes. I have recently found out, street fighter here in LA is very serious and Gen is just as rarely used here as he is Europe. In general, playing him… you would never be in auto-pilot, you always have to think. Too bad I lack in the skills department to get into the LA SF scene lol. Besides fighters, hockey is also a passion of mine. I could use some leveling up with Gen, so if anyone would be kind enough to help me level up, don’t hesitate add me up on either xbl or psn. Just don’t expect me to be god like. lol


I’ll help you. I’m on XBL, and my Gamertag is DanteValmont. I’m Paul btw, nice to meet you.


Didn’t you totally drop Gen during all of super pretty much, until now?

My name’s Kevin, I’m 20 years old and I live in Amsterdam. I’m currently studying at a hospital/University (they kind of merge due to ease of doing research and practical lessons like pathology) to become a physician assistant and hopefully also give (anatomy/pathofysiology preferably) colleges to other medstudents in the future.

I played SF since the Alpha series and have played Gen ever since, up untill this very moment I played Gen almost exclusively but recently I’ve been getting really burned out on him unfortunately. I seem to enjoy other characters more and more. The reason I play(ed) Gen is the same as everyone else’s: He is very unique and requires more skill than almost any character except for Viper. I also really enjoy the character itself, how he looks and his general moveset. I guess ‘quirky’ is the right word. Just look at Oga’s that shit is quirky as fuck :wink:


Not a bad idea :slight_smile:

Hey I’m Tim, I’m 24 and I live in Philadelphia working at a small time nickel and dime job while attending school hoping to obtain my degree in Behavior Health. I pretty much been playing fighters like SF, KOF, Virtual Fighters, MVC…etc for years whether at home on console or at my local arcade. I started playing the old man back in alpha 3 but when Vanilla drop on console I mostly used Cammy because I felt Gen wasn’t as good as his alpha version.

However, I completely drop Cammy for Gen during the last few living months of Vanilla due watching some footage of solid Gens like Yeb, Jibbo, asiantom and Rhyllis. So I have to thank those players for proving me wrong about him. But overall what I always liked about the character is that he has so many tools in his moveset, there is never a dull moment with Gen. I pretty much only invest my time in the lab with him and Dee Jay…so I suck with the rest of cast lol.


Damn. We got players all over the globe. Nice lol


Not a Gen mainer yet but slowly transitioning from Vega. Name’s Alexander and I’m from Sweden, gonna turn 25 this year. Currently studying a university program to become a “socionom” (social worker i guess it’s called in other countries). Other than that i’m really interested in music and i play quite abit of guitar in my spare time.

I’ve always liked older characters in fighting games, and with my inclination towards tortured characters Gens just perfect for me with his backstory and all.


I like this :slight_smile:

My name is Nu, 21. My first love is dancing but once my friends were talking about the new SF4, they got it and we played just for fun, never thinking we’d get into tournament level (I still dance! :D). First used Akuma on pad then switched to stick in Vanilla, but after seeing Jibbs/Yebs kill it, it inspired me, and I really like using characters that are not commonly used, also Gen is the only character to have two styles! I realize now that Gen was broken in Vanilla haha :smiley:

I’m really really fortunate to have met these friends who are really high level to train with; My homie Tim, LPN, Crackfiend, Fchamp, Ricky, John, my friends Andy, and a whole lot of other players. I honestly don’t think I could be where I am without these guys, and I thank them very much.

Currently still playing a lot, entering tourneys, a 3on3 coming up soon. Still dancing. And uhm… boom


love dancing as well. <3 boogaloo FTW


Ok, let’s see…

My name’s Fulvio, 26, from Italy. University student… I study languages (French, Japanese, Korean). :china:

I’ve never been much into beat’em up till this generation of games. In the past I did play Street Fighter II and Alphas in their various iterations (on Sega Mega Drive/Genesis), but I didn’t like them much. Back then I used to play as Vega (claw) and Gen…
When Street Fighter IV came out, I decided to buy it because of Gen’s presence. His style and gameplay suit my tastes. I love the possibility of changing stances (it reminds me another game I came to like recently: Virtua Fighter 5)! I’m an average player and recently bought a joystick. I’d like to improve but the spare time is never enough…


Nope. Read more carefully. :stuck_out_tongue: I said even if my main change,I’ll never drop Gen. The text in which is stated by myself implies that I still use/used Gen in super,just not as a main. I have even popped by alot during the whole SSF4 era to come here and still post. He was not my main, but I still used him. :slight_smile:


^^ yea i agree, gen is top tier