The Gen VORTEX , mixups and ambiguous stuffs



okay lets hear it guys, if you know any ambiguous setups for Gen pls list them here. whether its corner or not. thanks




I was messing around in training mode trying to build up some vortex/reset and stumbled upon these:

[]After a cross up oga, on shotos, instant crane forward jump HP will make gen land behind them after the reset, a mantis jump forward HP will make Gen land in front after the reset
]after a cross up oga on shotos, instant jump crane medium kick will land Gen in front after reset but slightly delayed crane forward jump medium kick will make Gen land behind them after the reset.
[]You can dash under after a air to air crane jump fierce for a cross up mixup or walk if you dont want to cross up
]after a forward throw you can dash mantis cMP jump in mantis to land in front or crane to land behind (change stance during dashing frames)
[]after a forward throw you can dash then mantis sMP walk forward a little then jump when they start to rise if you press your kick early you wont cross and late to cross up
]after a sweep instant forward empty jump into mantis sMP is a confirmed meaty attack, on hit you can sweep, or cHP, or U2, it gives you a +8 or +9 frames on hit and a +7 +8 on block
Currently working on non oga unblockable setups for Cammy then Guile.