The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)

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More leftover posts from the Lounge, feel free to skip if you don’t wanna double dip but… Just a little proud of this and feel like sharing.

Finally made it to Living Legend again on PC.

62 losses out of 287 games. I’ll take what I get. Most of these dudes are sitting 2 ranks below this with 5000 matches…lmfao, can you imagine.

It’s funny… this was way harder than when I did it on PS4. PlayStation always has the biggest player base, but PC probably has the largest amount of SOLID players, so people really start getting decent around Majin rank.

I used Vegeta/Kefla/Broly because… Lol, it’s an easy team. But now that I’m out of tryhard mode I’m gonna see what Roshi really has to offer. Character has soooo much going on compared to everyone else. Easily the most unique character in the game; only UI Goku and Piccolo come close.

I’d really like to play with some SRK’ers. It’d be fun as hell to get a whole ass lobby going with some of ya’ll. I’ve really only ever played with @Sonichuman and @Phantom_Angel.

Everyone else on SRK duckin’. :confused:


Maaaaan I want to actually put time in thia game to be a decent challenge but my time is super limited right now. I get bodied for free lol.

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We can all get bodied together bro. Phantom is pretty good too.

It’s crazy to me this game is almost 3 years old now and I’ve only played with two of ya’ll lmao

I don’t mind getting bodied as much in this game…at first but I want to be at least a semi challenge and I need practice for that. I’d put the game in right now but then my son is gonna get into something. He ALWAYS gets into something.

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Had the PS4 version since near launch but still no PS4, so I picked up the Switch version. Maining Cooler ATM.