The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)


Hehe, everyone has beerus as the worst character in the game



DLC coming early August

Sad to see how dead these forums have become =[


Meh- the DBFZ forum being dead is mostly down to the glacial pace any new developments have been coming.


Now you can have full Goku x full Vegeta teams, weeeeee!!!


I’m actually really excited for base goku. Depending on how much fun he is will determine if I can wait longer to buy bbtag


well as long as the base saiyans have unique stuff about them then I’m all good.

I just hope if there’s a next season that jiren, toppo, and master roshi are in it


Base Goku sounds very Phoenix-esc. Setting eyebrows to ‘potential danger’


If either of them have a beam assist I’ll be happy. I’ve been wanting to replace Goku Black for a while now but don’t feel like switching to SSJ Goku


He can have a beam assist as long as he is allowed to also have a low 2L lol. Actually doubt he’ll have a beam assist though.


I hope ArcSys releases 4 string goku and 5 string vegeta ass Bass Goku and Bass Vegeta in season 2 to piss off all these scrublords crying about a lack of female characters


People crucified Combofiend, and now people are cool with base Goku because his function is promising.


Amazing what having good will for the company and low expectations for the franchise will do for you.


Pretty sure the majority of people are disappointed in the base forms. I wanted them from the beginning

They should give base goku ocean dub voice :grinning:


When’s cooler?




Im hype for Evo dbfz


I love how the Melee/Sm4sh registration is off by one dude. I bet it’s some poor Tekken player who signed up for Smash 4 by mistake


Or Wiz himself saw they were neck-in-neck and decided to troll the smelliest and saltiest participants by signing up to Smash 4 and giving them the lead:v

As a sidenote: why do American Melee-players smell like shit? The European ones have basic hygiene, from my experience.