The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)


Buff garlic Jr. With his goons, captain commando style


Base Teen Gohan with the Bass on his attack sound effects boosted to 10. aka Base Teen Gohan (Bass)




So basically Beerus remains on the bench and watch. Just like the show.


The usual happy birthday ideas


Kazunoku seems to have switched up his team, no more yamcha

Hook and Fame and Sonicfox all seem to be jumping on the Base Vegeta train


teen gohan new max damage, complicated comparison of what works for every route depending on what you started with. Also goes over a new unlisted move variaton apparently as far as I can see unless im crazy



shout outs to a certain someone here on this forum as i was made aware and sadly saw him shout out on stream videos I MADE and give them credit as someone else doing them. And you wonder why I think most you dudes are losers


I love you bro, your ego is like the best thing I’ve ever seen. Definitely superior to @Cisco.


Is there a ego towards anything I say if its fact? If anything who is the one that has a ego that they are so insecure as to not see the truth? hell to use a dbz comparison its almost like im goku and you guys are like bitch vegeta always complaining that you deserve to do the cool stuff or that you found something blah blah, while goku is just having fun and still doing more than you in his spare time. Anyway point still stands how you gonna go tell someone to go watch this video made by this guy… when its MY video. Like youre so scared you cant say its made by clayton? Am i the boogeyman or something?

Anyway I dont know if the cisco thing is a insult or a compliment because I dont hate on people I dont know.


You should look that up. It’s a fun story. And it’s a Cisco involved with the forums.


Well how about this how does it relate to me… did he win tournaments while he played? Did he destroy games like I have? While having other people in the community go around and say NOT to watch his videos? Is there and ego in that or is that a fact? Why do you think I went out of my way to personally mention and thank people like d3v and majinobamma who at evo while commentaning multiple times said and shouted out finalshowdown/clayton chapman for finding and inventing all the loops and combos in the game. Cuz ive seen how shady this community is… you guys think I have a ego yet whos the one who afraid to say my name out of insecurity? I dont even play in tournaments anymore not like im ever gonna beat someone duno what you dudes are so afraid of


Nobody here cares about your mental problems.

In other news, Kazunoko made two 1vs3 Yamcha comebacks against GO1 at Taiwan major today.



“oh shit, 7 posts!” And it’s another autism ego rant.
Your combos are cool, but please, stop with this cancerous behavior.


I dont have any mental problems. and you should feel lucky I play a game you care about. And as for as im concerned anyone that tries to talk shit about me or make something up about me. Honestly dude if you wake up tomorrow and you find out you have some terrible cancer that is gonna mutilate your body and you become a disfigured cripple id say go riddance. Make sure if it happens to give me your parents address as well so I can tell them what a little bitch you are as well


Definitely got mental issues. All you do is spew garbage and shit up this thread.

Got damn.


So it’s been a week or two. Have the Cell/Kid Buu nerfs freshened up teams?

Because between you/me, I still want to scream like a maniac when that intro rocks


Nerfs hit cell like he puked up an android. The hype man is dead.