The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)


He can’t. It’s a disease that only has a cure called internal reflection which he doesn’t have access to.


Watch out, he is getting stronger.
But seriously, man. People don’t like you because you can’t take your head out of your ass. But there’s people following you even right now. Start being a better person and success will surely come your way. Unless you want the LTG kind of success. I’m always happy to see people from here getting some notoriety.



no disease I just am a blunt person and I state facts…

And ya I know eventhubs doesnt like to post my videos. People in comments before as well ask why they dont like to post my videos. Its been going on for years now since it existed


That’s old tech


old tech that came from… me already? Thanks bro I am a god, maybe ill let you into heaven if youre nice to me.

Oh and since people posted that eventhubs thing ya and what do they do right after that… post more dbz videos but not mine. LOLZ how butt hurt does it make you guys everytime you see me doing new stuff constantly while everyone else is just redoing stuff ive already done and showed off first I wonder


Gods dont feel the need to bloat. Those with inferiority complex do.


This dumb ass really feeling himself off combo videos? Lmao


“IDGAF about guys not linking my videos but everytime I post I remind everyone about it”



actually I won tournaments while I was playing. What about you what do you do? As for my combo videos, how does it feel t hat once again lets remember all this stuff i talked about in this thread that you guys tried to hate, people are now doing in tournies. Hell probably even you are doing the same shit you tried to hate on me about. So whos the biggest loser here?

I was beating losers like you in tournaments that talked shit as a kid while caring less. How does that feel? have you even won a tournament before? I mean do we really need to measure what weve all done in video games here? Cuz im just here to rub it in your faces really not like I see any creative competition here. And when I tried to have a conversation about the game no one could keep up soooooooooo


we all are here because we like fighting games, right?
how about the focus shift to exactly that, and when you want to fight out things you can do that in dbfz.

sure, some people might not have been nice to you but maybe you should ask yourself what kind of expression people who have nothing to do with it get from you. is it so hard to share your stuff without trying to dicking around every time? maybe you should ask yourself why you are here and it its actually worth your time when you have such a hard grudge against anyone here…

and to the others, provoking doesnt help either. just let it rest, you are all grown up and should know better.


It would still continue regardless of provoking or not, past history just dictated this.


If people know he’s going to troll like that, why take the bait? That seems avoidable. Nod and move on.


I’m honestly more annoyed when he comes in here calling out someone for something they do elsewhere (like he did with King Penguin) when it doesn’t really have any reason to be here.


Historically it has been an infraction to bring drama from elsewhere here. That seems like a good policy to maintain. People are welcome to flag the next attempt(s) to create non-SRK-based drama and mods will handle it.


Been messing with tagging after Broly’s medium lariat. I don’t recall being able to call assists afterwards, but I can do it now. What gives?


Who provoked who here? Ive been in here since the beginning helping you idiots out when 99% of you guys said i was wrong about everything. And then the game came out, and all the stuff i talked about works, and now everyone knew about it lolz. This game would not be where it was right now with out me. People can say they would have found all the cell loops, double supers, bomb loops, flip combos, the way the meta has turned out etc all they want. But its a fact I was the one doing all this stuff first, and i talked about it before the game was even out that i could tell it was gonna work just by watching the beta footage. You guys were the ones shitting on me constantly. Didnt you guys just a bit ago try to say I only find stuff in all these games because I got it first as well now? Like who are you guys trying to kid, im still constantly evolving the game only for you guys months later to start doing it. Those are facts

As for past history? Ya my past history of being awesome and the community constantly trying to make shit up.


Who provoked who doesn’t matter. Not when you come in here with stuff like this:

Or would you like to say this post about a month ago of you trying to start shit with someone for something they did elsewhere is you lying?

No amount of ‘awesome tech’ or ego means you’re above the rules. Just say ‘Sorry I won’t do it again’ and then don’t do it again. Or do, and see what happens.


All you do is bitch about what peeps said months ago, and you were the first to do fucking blah. Who gives a fuck.

I never gave a shit bout you. Only comments I’ve directed towards you are calling out the fact you keep shitting up the thread with nonsense and feeling yourself way too hard.

I mean claiming relevance cause tournaments you won in the past and combo vids? Stay cool mate.


who provoked who doesnt matter… and I should say im sorry… wow great logic. And how is that me starting something? That was someone else? Im posting my videos in here doing more than anyone else in world at the game litterally. Ive progressed the game more than anyone else… Is that a lie? Who else has put out more new constant content than me? Show me. No one. And mother fuckers in here gonna go and try to say the videos im posting werent made by me? Are you serious?

Like I said im a blunt person and I said it many times if any of you fucks wake up tomorrow and find out your health is about to shit on you and you might die, send me your addresss so I can send you a letter about wha t a little bitch you are and that you wont survive cuz your the type of person to try to start a fight over a game on the internet. Good riddance to you as far as im concerned