The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)


And that puts you above the rules because…?


what fucking rule are trying to imply, you guys started talking shit about me, i talk shit back, end of story


This one

If someone is bitching about you elsewhere, you deal with it elsewhere. If they bitch about you in here, you deal with it here. If they can be found here and start shit elsewhere, you deal with it elsewhere, not on SRK Forums.

So the next time someone on stream, in a YT comments section, or over on eventhubs talks shit at you, you deal with it on stream, in a YT comments section, or over on eventhubs. Not here unless they specifically talk shit about you here.


Regular person:
“insert video here”
It’s the best I could find. Any tips?

“insert video here”
Optmized damage, better than that combo that other guy did with MY old combo (that I found in the beta) without giving me the credit. I’m a god, a prime specimen of the homo sapiens, the next step in evolution. You are all worthless pieces of shit, with a brain of a 5 year old, and you and your family should get lung cancer and die slowly. Be sure to send me pictures so I can masturbate.

And you ask why people want to stay the fuck away from you.



Top 8 for SCR starts tomorrow at 3:30…I’m assuming PT

Pools from yesterday


I’m thinking we might see a 17 reveal trailer. It’s the middle of the month and if we’re expecting Cooler to drop near the end of it, they need to drop that trailer and soon


Dadpool vs Sonicfox was not bad in the pools. Dadpool almost took a game off game off Sonicfox in the first round but SF made a 16 comeback.

EDIT: YO…Reynald with the reactions! Neo WFF right through Gohan’s Masenko. Shit was hot!


How many more characters do you expect for next year? The obvious ones will probably be Toppo and Jiren. I wonder if Dyspo will make it for example. Also, U6 saiyans like Cabba, Caulifa, Kale. Any other interesting characters from the ToP? Hope any of the U11 wolves make it too. Only other one besides that arc could be Bojack considering they are doing movies too


Characters I think are for sure in are Toppo and Jiren and Cabba. Kale, Caulifa and Kefla in some form is probably going to happen. I would like to think they put all 3 but it’s going to be dependent on spots. And I expect at least 2 more movie characters. Personally I’d hope for Janemba and either Bojack or Lord Slug since I feel those characters would probably be the most interesting move wise.

They might go full marketing mode and put in Broly 2018 (That’s what I’m calling new Broly for right now) as a means of cross promotion.


Please no more Super characters, especially not Jiren, Toppo or the alt Sayians.


As much as I would love solo Kale, Toppo and Magetta, I think they will keep the ToP characters to just Jiren and Kefla/both sayan girls.
They’re releasing packs of two, so there might be some pattern, like this year we had a movie pack, a Zamasu arc pack and a sayan saga pack.
For me, characters I want to see are:

DB pack: Roshi and Kid Goku or Arale
DBZ pack: Raditz and Dabura
Super Pack: Jiren and Kefla (or Caulifla with Kale assist)
Movie pack: Janemba and Tapion
GT pack: SS4 Gogeta and Omega Shenron

Only Roshi matters.


What characters should be added if not the extremely popular super characters?

As much as I want DB characters I don’t think slots should be wasted things like kid Goku or king piccolo lmao.

I think super characters are definitely in, then they add janemba, Android 13, dabora, etc.

Edit: ^ couldn’t they just add roshi from super? Lol


I think ‘able to fly’ is a requirement sadly


They can easily add Baby Gamera for his super dash.images%20(18)

They did exactly that in Zenkai Battle.



I don’t buy that in the slightest. On top of the whole making an exception to an existing standard thing (re: air dashing), how much animation would it be for the spinning Gamera? It’d trump anything else in the game.


Satan with a jetpack is good tho.


Easily. His superdash animation would be an stationary model spinning really fast. And there’s plenty of time during the superdash startup for Gamera to come in.roshi%20super%20dash
And I don’t think Roshi having a regular air dash is that big of a deal.


Don’t really care if they are popular or not (citation needed btw), I just think they all look stupid. Toppo and Jiren in particular. The Sayian girls are passable but remind me too much of fanfiction shit. Jiren is just about the worst design I’ve ever seen in all of DB, and Toppo isn’t much better. I’d rather have Demon King Piccolo or even General Blue over these two. Piccolo looks intimidating as fuck and General Blue was such a great villain, honestly. And you could make them play much more uniquely anyway.

But for me personally, I just want Dabura and Janemba mostly. I feel like you could do a lot with these two as far as gameplay is concerned, and they look cool af. I also love super 17’s design but I don’t want him in the game if 17 comes in already.


How dare your disrespect Toppo’s mustache!