The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)


I’m gonna have to rewatch Dogura vs SF since I was driving while that was happening. Was fully expecting him to be in GF.


was reaaally close


Probably gonna get patched pretty quick


Yeah that shit is getting patched…as cool and busted as that is.


thats some funny shit




Hmm, magazine before gameplay. And a new stage…one I don’t recognize. Training stage?


Looks lit as fuck.


The MVP is finally coming.


I figured they’d use DBS 17. He has more to draw from for moves and his MIR shirt will help him stick out from 18’s 17 assists. If they’re gonna have potentially two 17’s teleporting and attacking you from all angles, one might as well wear a different shirt.


It’s weird as fuck.

Like there is 17 news being posted so i know the thread is up to date.
But i could swear this clayton stuff is word for word exactly the same as 5 month ago.
Feels like a weird future-past mix acid flashback.

Anyway. Hyped for the android, i hope his assist is better than the barrier.


Well, looks like a higher power broke the time loop for you.

In Android 17 news, do you think we’ll get gameplay during TGS? Trailer? Stream? Scripted Match?


What happened ? Like the time-loop is just gone or delayed?
Anyway, 17 reveal will prob be the same as the others dlc dudes. Trailer at TGS, stream maybe the week after and then release :smiley:



WTF now srk is deleting my videos randomly from this thread? Good job you pieces of shit. Heres acouple more just to remind you guys that im destroying this game you love doing more than everyone else constantly while you guys talk shit and make things up stupid fucks. Like I said i hope i see you fuckers in the hospital with me some day, lemme take a picture of you idoits suffering and post it


Watch out your blood pressure bro


actually im fine i just swear as a comma, point still stands, now my videos are getting deleted? The dude that has done more than anyone else in this game, ridiculous. Most the shit you even see in the game originally came from me, how sad is that


Hit glitch is fun


Gee, I wonder why mods could ever possibly consider removing your posts. Sure is a mystery.