The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)


Not as sad as your posts.


Ok, Hit Glitch has lead to 3 Level 3s.

Hard mode challenge: Can we get two LVL 5s?


bigger pictures from the bamco headtome page


The hypest part of 17 is that season 1 is finally over.


Android 17 better have the best goddam assist in the game. It’d fit too well as the MVP


Needs to be the 3 heat seeking missles from the jiren fight lol



Lots of side switching and a wall cling. Looks hype but hard to pinpoint effectiveness. The wall cling especially.


Looked like he could attack out of a successful barrier too? But jeah he looks cool I like that Chipp wallcling. Could be cool for mix-ups with assists if you could alter the trajectory. It’s great him n’ Cooler come out next week, so it won’t be that long of a wait


I think the barrier is a counter move.


Yea, not sure about that wall cling. Wonder how it works exactly. Cross up protection won’t make it as strong as it could be but I could see some high/low mixups and maybe some solo cross up mix up near the corner


He does an overhead looking move after he wall clings. I’m sure there will be high/low mixups off that


Yea that’s probably just his jump H. Would be cool if he can stall on the wall or at least control it a bit


Probably, but the point being that if he can go high/low with it, good on him


You guys think we’ll get this

as a selectable track with 17 ?



The only assist-possible move I could spot from 17 was that projectile at 0:15, which could be really useful. It’s hard to see but it curves low to the ground after he fires it. I could see it becoming a Kid Buu substitute.

The real concern is he’s stubby. Lots of movement, but the limbs themselves are kinda meh.


Ginyu, Vegito and Teen Gohan at TGS finals. Sure, there was a Bardock and a Goku to ruin things a little bit, but Japan is always cool with team based games.



I was hard the whole match

EDIT: Nuki probably has no clue about the game but damn he sounds hype


God 17 looks so good. This season pass has been pretty disappointing with only zamasu and Broly being my favorite duo. It’s nice to end it off with these two characters. Can’t wait to play them both.