The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)


Sorry for missing this concern, was out of town. Reached out to you via PM last night on this, but: nobody has deleted any videos here. The new moderation system is crazy limited. In your entire post history you deleted one post of your own back in August and a mod deleted one post of yours four days which was nothing to do with DBFZ and was simply attacking other people. I’d prefer the Vanilla system which would grant you and the post a visible Warning and then hide the post, but that’s not the system we have. So yeah: don’t try to derail the thread with random personal attacks. It’s ugly.

If you have any further concerns here, feel free to reach out to your mod via PM or me if that path doesn’t make you happier. This thread is for DBFZ. :+1:


Actually, does DBFZ have a mod yet? I remember trying to reach out to DevilJin back in April about something and he said we didn’t. But obviously it’s been almost 6 months since then, so if we did get one I just didn’t notice.



Anyone here use an Xbox One controller? I’ve been using the Xbox 360 controller since forever but they tend to start wearing down/breaking on me after like 5-6 months. I’m looking for something a bit more sturdy.

I use analog not d-pad



your vids are always cool but you gotta admit no one likes to hear “you guys suck I’m hot shit etc etc”
i like the teen gohan combos


No reason to bring that up right now. Just saying.



Seems to be derived from the Switch contents from the looks of it.


17’s theme is great. I like the cowboy standoff vibe. Kinda weird but cool




The MVP looks amazing. He doesn’t have a beam but his mixup is going to be dumb. He looks like a better Yamcha.

Only thing that’s really glaring is his assist. looks weak.


So much for being able to add 17 to my point 21 team. This game really needs multiple assist options per character.


To be fair, 17 assist has a place as a lockdown/combo extension assist assist. It’s got pretty strong stunning power.


I guess I jumped the gun, thought it was just a barrier/counter. Just started the last video, and 17 assist looks like it might manage to work for 21s 214M recombos. At the very least it should work in the corner.



So 17 is the ground character that Hit wants to be?

EDIT: forgot about his wall cling.


DBFZ patch on Steam is up. If the methods of getting them playable still exist… like always, if you have questions, ask!


You can always give us some footage and tell us what you think of the new characters if ya want!


I could, but what’s the point? I feel like other people can do those kind videos for promotional purposes or whatnot (some already did), don’t think I could do that. I do want to focus on just minor questionable things. Maybe I’ll see how effective of an aerial hitbox his assist is and how it’s absorb properties work well to see how both lockdown and defensive measures go.

Generally from the video guides, it looks like he seems good? He’s probably going to feel like a Gotenks + AGohan mix… fast and has good mixups, but low damage (has good normals though).