The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)


Anything you think of is fine especially if you think of any set play set ups.


When’s the resident monkey getting early access? He’s hollywood now, with an eventhubs article all for himself.


Hey, check out how his assist’s barrier works. The videos had some mixed messages I felt.


Preview of in-game screenshot of new stage if interested.

Some notes from A17:

  • 2H has really poor horizontal range. Example: A single blocked 5L into a 2H will not land at all against Cooler.
  • Assist seems to have pretty decent air coverage. Horizontal reach seems pretty good too. (horizontal max range)
  • jM and jH have decent cross-up capabilities when facing the other direction.
  • Possible to do the typical GokuBlack/Bardock-like follow-ups from Vanish Attack into AAA autocombo smash conversions. First hit has to whiff, while the latter hits must land.
  • Unlike the A18 barrier DR tech (the one where you have to manually DR to tech)… it does not seem to work for A17.
  • 3H reaches REALLY REALLY far. The videos from above mostly shown it with running momentum… but if standing still, this is max distance:
  • Assist seems slightly slower on start-up than A18 (potential placebo). One thing to note is that in-between the attack hitbox and the force field, A17 is left in a vulnerable state at this point and can be hit out of the assist.


  • TK Level 3 grab can land against standing guard opponents. This can whiff if the opponent crouches… so crouch if this ever comes up (or 2H if your character goes low enough on start-up).
  • The 2nd hit of Cooler’s 5AAA autocombo is not a true blockstring… you can actually reflect in-between it or level 3 super. Video:


More important question. When you have 18 and 17 on the same team, do 18’s partner change clothes for at least the lv3?


It doesn’t change costumes.


Well, that was expected to avoid confusion. But what about her lv3? They added fucking Krillin to it.


Same thing. Level 3 is the same as usual. No changes in character.


Android 18’s Brother is different from The MVP. That version lacked the power to deal with Cell afterall. I guess ranging parks is one hell of a power boost.


Loads of A17 information. Feel free to skim it.

Android 17:
Normal xx Rekka on block = Reflectable

Happy Birthday stuff:

LVL 3 Post-Knockdown mixups in the corner:

Rekka’s overhead follow-up is 2Hable and can be crossed under:


Do you think the overhead rekka is reactible or is it going to require a hard read due to the fact that he can go into it at any point or not at all?


I think the jump movement of the overhead is linear tbh. You can practically just hold down back the whole time since the only overhead to look for is the one that hops up… and if you anticipate that, you can 2H that for sure. You can probably even fuzzy OS LVL3 the rekka series.

Now if it’s online, yeah maybe it requires a read.


Does he have a low hitting L ? :smiley:


Does A17’s 3H scale like a medium or like Cell’s 6H?


Asking the real questions.


This real question was already answered…so I’m unsure if serious.


I skimmed like the past 20+ messages and didnt see if this was answered. I currently have a weird aversion to people commenting video so i didnt look at them, i much prefer to read text.
Wont go into an argument over this, if people knowing dont wanna answer i guess i’ll see for myself tomorow at the latest.


Yes he has a low 2L


Gameplay of the new stage. It kinda feels like if the Freeza Force built the stage for the Dark Tournament from Yu Yu Hakusho