The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)


The new ranks are amazing. Looks like I will have to grind ranked again.

Edit: When will steam update for the new dlc?


Looking at the new stage, you can see some familiar faces in the background. Notably: Dyspo in his business suit (colored blue though)


Evil monkey, how’s Cooler/Broly/16 looking? I kinda liked Cooler, and I’m thinking of getting him.



Modders doing the lords work already.


Looks like fox is messing with 17




(HA! Beat you to it SH)


My favorite Mod for Cooler




Just read that cooler has a real invincible dp assist. Is this true? Haven’t been keeping up


Yup. It’s air capable too.


Whoops meant to say his assist


Im still getting surprised by the details they pull

Nevee realized that his ground level 1 was every attack used on Dr. Gero


Fall classic is happening this weekend

Brackets for dbfz start 5pm et


Im guessing dbfz is late due to tekken but I think it is streaming here

Edit: Aren’t too many people in the pools I’m aware of aside from KnowKami and CoachSteve



So does anyone think we’ll see significant use of the new DLC characters? Cooler? 17? Neither?

Personally, I expect there is a 100% chance 17 will show up on a Kazunoko team, but I feel like most players won’t gravitate to him unless he’s thoroughly busted. But there will be 17 players and you know who all of them are.

Cooler I see as more ‘everywhere’ His focus on stealing turns and controlling neutral is definitely a thinking man’s playstyle, but one that has the tools to go places. His biggest hurdle will be less about ‘is he good’ and more ‘is he good enough to replace my current character’.


Leffen is calling Cooler a bigger, better 21.