The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)



It saddens me that Dumbass Tree is the lesser Super





Apparently Saga 4 is going on this weekend


Taking a look over the names at this tourney and the only really big one I see is Chris G. Smug, Ricki, Chris T, and Kami are also in but if I had to put money on someone right now it’s probably Chris G.

Edit: also forgot that Lord Knight is there…he might upset him.


Sonicfox is calling Beerus high tier now. RIP buffs.


I saw a vid with him messing around with Beerus in my feed but I hadn’t watched it yet


I was labbing the shit he does at 7:27. I’m happy it’s real.


Wait didn’t know Nakkiel was there. Must have missed his name, GF might be him and Chris G.

Top 32 for tomorrow ( click on the projected check)

Don’t know what list I was looking at cause there’s more people here than I thought. HGG is there as well as Dekillsage, Supernoon, and Apologyman

Chris G and Nakkiel are in losers right now and Punk is in winners.


Top 16 is about to turn to top 8 on thunderstruck

Probably gonna have to catch on stuff later since im working right now


Alright boys, Season 1 DLC is done. Now we need 8 fighters for Season 2 DLC. Predictions? And will they be themed? Based in the idea of themes, here’s mine:

“Tournament of Power” pack

“New Movie” pack
New Broly
Ultra Instinct Goku

“Time Travel” pack
Imperfect Cell
Blue haired Trunks

“Angels and Demons” pack


I see Dabura and Jiren so I’m gucci.


Garlic jr, Dr. Wheelo


i’m thinking if there is a season 2 DLC

we’ll get goten and kid trunks.

i’m also hoping for some great saiyaman love.


my predictions for most likely DLC
Base Toppo or God of Destruction Toppo

as for the rest I’m not sure.

my wishlist is Master Roshi, Magetta, And Kid Goku to add to the saturation of Gokus.

be interesting to see Genki Dama sword trunks.


Launch with sneeze install.



So Cooler’s LVL3 Counter stuns people when it ‘connects’ to allow for the grab followup. Is this stun unblockable? Does it trigger off delay attacks like Piccolo Spheres or assists?


I’ve seen it trigerring on assists before yeah. Like Vegeta assist. The Stun and following grap are unblockable.