The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)



So it’s safe to say that unless it’s a blockstring, Hellzone Grenade and Zamasu’s Yaiba Super are just SOL vs Cooler with 3 bars?


looks like it. Would it be the same vs a kbuu assist call ?



I believe Kid Buu’s assist is all one blockstring. Question though, could you reflect Vegeta assist and cancel into Counter?


Matoi looking nasty



Saga 5 at SEAM

Cant find the brackets at the moment


Kazunoko and Moke are in GF right now. Dunno who put Sonic Fox out

Edit: Kaz now has 2 balls!


Top 8 for dbfz for those that missed it


So guys

Whens season 2


Has anyone played or heard how the Switch version is?


I have the switch version and its pretty damn solid. Haven’t tested online though. Only big dif is some of the background textures which arent super noticable but its def there and it takes slightly longer to load matches in comparison to the other consoles. And by slightly longer I’m talking about 5 secs. Not horrible but noticable.




Sick combos sucky.

SMFH Dogura blew a 2-0 lead and didn’t even have the decency of switching to Broly on any of the games. Glad he lost.





Cell still got it!