The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)


idk how to do the old spoiler tags but here is the patch notes
idk how its gonna actually be implemented but those grownhan and kid buu nerfs have me shooketh




Visual representation for some of the changes

Vid owner says he made some mistakes here and there so check the video description for what he got pointed out to be wrong




and id like to post this here as well since he posts here and I want everyone to know what scum he is go watch his video(unfortunately giving it views) and then look at my response. These same losers that said I faked being sick as a kid and now are still around and hes one of them. I hope all you guys get exposed for your bullshit. This was posted on my youtube as well. Of course no response. And people wonder why I say I wouldnt care if anyone got sick and they had a terrible life for what they have said about me you guys deserve it