The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)


idk how to do the old spoiler tags but here is the patch notes
idk how its gonna actually be implemented but those grownhan and kid buu nerfs have me shooketh




Visual representation for some of the changes

Vid owner says he made some mistakes here and there so check the video description for what he got pointed out to be wrong




and id like to post this here as well since he posts here and I want everyone to know what scum he is go watch his video(unfortunately giving it views) and then look at my response. These same losers that said I faked being sick as a kid and now are still around and hes one of them. I hope all you guys get exposed for your bullshit. This was posted on my youtube as well. Of course no response. And people wonder why I say I wouldnt care if anyone got sick and they had a terrible life for what they have said about me you guys deserve it


oh and just cuz i said I would for lightingbolt72 and skariot ya you guys are little bitchs, so screencap this to, got put it in your clayton hate folder with the rest of your out of context messages. Which you just admited you spend DAYS and days searching and reading about me screencapping anything you can find to get people to hate me. You dudes are fucking psychos and disgusting. And I take nothing back what ive said to anyone who talks shit about me. Maybe you can go have sex with rooflemonger and all my other haters while you guys go on stream and try to tell thousands of people that I faked being sick as a kid liek the scum you all are. So no, I wouldnt care if any of you fuckers got sick. Good riddance. Liek i said screencap this as well and then tell everyone I posted this for no reason and its out of context right? Instead of running away talking shit behind my back constantly why dont you do it in a public forum stupid fucks. Just like that bitch ass buttmonger why wont he respond i called his bluff I know he posts here. You posted i faked being sick, i called your bluff i showed my medical record. Whats your excuse ive called your bluff multiple times now


watched the clip and it kinda surprised me. i have no idea what kind of beef you guys have with each other, he calls you out to bathmouthing him for month which i at least havent seen here, or maybe i missed it but at the end of the day dont try to let it get to you, no matter which site you are on.

i can understand that it might have hurt you and made you mad but at the end of the day its just a guy on the internet. maybe you should pm him or catch him on stream when you really want to clear the whole situation. it startet somehow, maybe you two can start from there. the dbfz thread isnt really the right place to solve that. i hope you keep posting your vids.


not the normal video i post here but if you skip ahead a bit i do show off some tech/set ups in teh game ive never seen anyone use before and explain it


oh well I mean look at his twitter now he is trying to claim i used some one elses medical record and its not actually me. Like wtf really?

As for me bad mouthing him I have bad mouthed him before, i ignored him this entire year while he has taken random shots at me in comments on other places trying to discredit me. but then when he made that video(which is still on his channel that ive seen)of him saying other people made my videos giving them credit. Then I called him out. I called him out here as well, but its when whoever was the moderator deleted the posts. Cuz I was like dude youre gonna talk shit about me all over these other places why dont you do it here in public where everyone can see. But it got deleted. But he admited he posts here as well but hes to afraid to respond I guess.


well, solving this here is not really a good idea either. its one thing when people talk trash to each other here but bringing it in from other places is never a good idea…i would suggest you two should just start to ignore each other which as it seems happen here already and focus on the game, creating/pushing out videos. from what i have seen so far there is nothing to win here from either side…



I’d like to care about a season 2 but I’m abit apathetic at the moment until Toei can pull their head out of their ass.



you think they’ll try this kind of shit for evo ?


I hope not but supposedly there’s a tweet from Wizard that doesn’t paint a pretty picture on the future. Toei may have the most pull over in Japan but they had enough pull over here to throw a ‘our way or the highway’ hissy fit when it came to One Piece on Toonami so who knows what they may do over here when it comes to this game.

The fact that the game got canned at dreamhack atlanta and Jebailey can’t talk about why does foreboding as hell.

For those who can’t bear to click event hubs


If they announce season 2 characters this will definitely hurt sales. Toei has always been a weird company. Surely everyone remembers just a few years ago when they did a Thanos snap on various dbz youtubers even though most of them were under fair use.


This is very similar to the stupid shit Nintendo does. You want to advertise our products for free? Better pay us. Old out of touch businessman shooting everyone in the foot, themselves included. Chasing cents at the expense of dollars.


I guess they really didnt like sonicfox speech at the VGA xD