The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)


toei sayin no to dbfz at anime ascension and evo japan.
which has made everyone say wtf? why? makes no logical sense.
i just realized the only reason why toei is barring dbfz from all tournys.
no one can explain it.
i can.

because this creepy freakazoid and his insistence on putting his weirdo sex fetish in everyone’s face,
being one if not THE top player in dbfz.
think about it.
do you really think the heads of toei want this sexual deviant associated with their top ip that is geared to children?
of course they dont want this weirdo creep that posts furry fucking on his twitter, anywhere near their db ip that is geared to children.
but…they cant outright say “hey we dont want sex deviant sonicfox associated with our dragonball ip” because then all the little post millenium sjw/pussies of this gen will call them politically incorrect.
so they did the next best thing.
cancel the tourneys entirely.
dont agree? think thats not the real reason?
then explain the logic of their decisions.
this decision of barring dbfz in tourneys, which, might i add, happened after sonicfox wins dbfz tourny at evo las vegas. on tv. wearing that silly costume. which would be more innocent if he hadnt put furries in sex acts on his twitter.
yea ok.

didnt i say this mofo was horrible for the fgc? didnt i? well, enjoy your dead game that just died solely because of him.
he literally single handedly killed a game and its community off. overnight.


so spreading that nonsense in one thread isnt enough for you? seems someone didnt got what he wanted for christmas.


its not nonsense. its the only rational logical explanation.
they do not want what they consider to be a sex deviant who wears his sex fetish in public and at dbfz tournys being associated with goku in the minds of children.


its practical business sense.

do you have a better explanation as to why they are barring dragonball from major tourneys, only after sonicfox becomes the top player AND posts up furry porn on his social media?
i bet you dont.

they do not want children, to associate sicko sonicfox and beloved goku, in the minds of children. their customers.
one cannot go, with the other. not in the minds of children. the ones who buy their merchandise.

this shouldnt be hard to understand bro.
sonicfox is not “family friendly”
do you understand the notion of “family friendly”
corps dont even wanna deal with anything deemed “controversial” let alone something not “family friendly”
its just reality.
im sure the heads of toei watched the dbfz of evo las vegas, said, who the fuck is this weirdo in the fur costume, checked out his social media, saw the furry porn, and went “uh uh, its a no go for dbfz at future tourneys since we cant stop the sex deviant from participating at these tourneys with our ip. this weird sex deviant guy wearing his sex fetish while he uses our ip is NOT repeat NOT happening!”

now. that said, enjoy your dead game. killed singlehandedly by one socially retarded player that everyone was too afraid to tell to stop putting his sex fetish on full public display from fear of being called intolerant.

your overly indulgent tolerance, cost you your scene.
because the bs millennial gen is off its rocker in thinking society is supposed to tolerate any socially retarded behavior.

you have to draw the line somewhere and tell people no to their socially retarded behavior.
socially retarded behavior should not be tolerated. ever. by any gen.

and toei will never ever honestly admit this is the reason.
they’ll prob make up some bs excuse as to why they dont want their ip anywhere near where sonicfox is at…since if they did tell everyone is cause they dont wanna be associated with a weirdo sex fetish guy, theyd get called intolerant and politically incorrect. im sure theyll never say, it because of sonicfox being so very not family friendly in their eyes.
but it is the reason for the abrupt about face they made post sonic being top dbfz player + furry porn.
sonicfox+furry porn+goku=toei saying no bueno bye bye dbfz at tournys
simple math bro.


toei cant control sonicfox. sonic doesnt work for toei. they cant bar him outright, or at least bar him from wearing his outfits since they dont have control of what rules apply at tourneys.
but they do have control of their ip.
and dont give me that “but nippon is the land of underage girls getting tentacle raped” fanfare.
it is.
but you dont see one associated with toei’s dragonball do you?
not if toei can help it.
and you dont see it.
connected to db.
ever. so says toei. the multibil corp.

once sonicfox, DBFZ’s #1 player, put up furry porn on his social media…and he stopped being “family friendly” in the eyes of toei.
that was the end of DBFZ at tournaments.
dont be so damnably naive. to tell yourself a multibillion dollar company doesnt care that a high profile person who is in the spotlight, who has a weird sex fetish on full dispay to the public is controlling the character goku from their ip dragon ball in a db game.
you dont care.
neither do i. neither do most people.
guess what.
thats why those CEOs get paid alotta money to do. to fucking care about things you and i dont care about!
use your brains man, and put yourself in the shoes of the men running that company.

if you have a sausage company named Appo’s Hot Dogs.
and you have your hot dogs advertised and put in hot dog eating contests, and i happen to be the consistent winner at the hot dog eating contests…and i come out and say on twitter, “i like to stick Appo’s hot dogs in my asshole while i jerk off to pics of swine.”
are you seriously gonna tell me that wont bother you?
you are gonna tell me that you are gonna shrug your shoulders and say idgaf if the famous pussystuffer the sex deviant is associated my hot dog business?
trust me, unless you are retarded. you will not allow your hot dog brand at any hot dog eating contest that im enrolled in.
you wont.
its common sense to protect your product from anything deemed controversial or not family friendly.
you cant ban me from contests but you damn well sure can keep your product from being involved in said contests.
you may not say the reason is me and my sex fetish.
but we all know damn well why you changed your mind in having your hot dogs being a part of the hot dog eating contests.
my weird ass loving your franks.


I’m pretty sure the simple answer considering past experiences with Toei is that they are just assholes.



As for toei dropping shit.
I dont think they give any fucks about Sonicfox, even moreso is that japan love fursuit mascots. It’s most likely the “old school japan firm” way of “do not promote an old product when the new one is coming out”. Those fuckers might just be on about "well fighterZ has run it’s course. It’s been a fun year and all but we wont make much more money off it. Projections show that a season 2 fighter pass would only bring [insert fraction of number] “that new arena garbo” will make. Plus having arc sys team red on retainer for any bug correction would cost [insert number] for another year. "

This and team Red working on the granblue fantasy fighter, might indicate that it’s just a sad case of good old “moving on”. Unless arc sys bolstered it’s workforce with new hires.


Basically it was all so Harada could win the iron throne of esport i guess xD


Sounds more like harada convinced some of the higher ups to make sure dbfz is still in the tourney scene. Non of those other games were cancelled at any tourneys were they?


its not just about dbfz and yes, it was the only game canceled but at the same time pot bonus for tekken went down and soulcal got no support at all when it comes down to esport. him being now in such a position means they want to expand theire e-sport side of things. lets see how it turns out.


I hope Harada is able to make a difference.


What’s online like for this game on PC? Dropped the game months ago because it was garbage on ps4. If PC plays decent online I would like to get back into it.


plays beautifully. yellow bars feel like green. lots of people online at least on usa east coast. et code on point.


so apparently this game is all about corner pressure. not that the same thing cant be said for all fighting games but its especially true in this one.
so i will assume the best way to deal with corner pressure is to reflect/deflect?


i think thats what he is aiming for to at least doesnt let it get worse. bandai has to step up. either you want to be into the esport thing or not.


First thought process is to try not to get there, but you can’t stop the inevitable from happening.

Otherwise, the mixup relies on either blocking, reflecting, delay reflect (like a high block ~ reflect as a delayed OS), delay jump superdash (high block ~ jump supedash delayed OS), DP assist call, Sparking, Level 3 (unless safe-jump applies), mash 5L… and can’t forget about dragon rush teching.

Might be more depending on the character, but corner game is rough times.


just to make sure, but reflect reflects high mid and low attacks? or just high and mid?


Reflects everything. Leaves you open to dragon rush and command grabs, however.


its only my 4th day with the game so im trying to get muscle memory down, understand the system, learn combos, etc…and making the impossible possible cuz im rocking the all android team of 16, 17, and 18 and with 2 characters that have barrier as their assist, im having a hellova lotta trouble working on this impossible synergy. im trying to focus on getting 16 close to fools to do assist barriers that deny my command grabs from getting stuffed by normals.


what are the tier lists for this game?
tier list for individual characters and tier list for best assists to worst?
i dont plan on changing my team, but i wanna know whats what here.
team droid has gotta be the worst team ever. lol.
all 3 assists have 0 ability to control space in a game where controlling space is everything.