The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)


A16 has a top assist and is generally considered to be one of the best on-screen characters too.


16’s assist has no reach and doesnt cover the screen at all. none of theirs do. not to mention they dont really have any projectile supers minus destructo disc.
its a gimpy team. meaning its just plain hard to get in on people to start your offense when you dont have any projectile assists and no beams into anything.
but im trying to figure it out. slowly but surely.


whats the discord for this thread?
im gonna try to record and upload some of my matches and show em here. get critiqued.


16’s assist isn’t about the range, its the hit and block stun it provides.


my complaint about my droid team is its hard to advance safely on opponents without having projectile supers or assists. thats my dilemma right now.

EVERYONE advances on me with no fear cause my shit doesnt control space. and since mvc2 rules apply of not being able to call in assists on block, my ass gets bodied for free. and i cant get an offense going cause i cant even get close to anyone. my assists have no reach, no control of space.


so here is a vid showing 8 matches against a beginner around my level.
i had to pick these replays because most matches just shows me getting bodied for free by high level experts. which i dont mind getting treated like a punching bag as long as i learn.
but you wouldnt see me initiating any offense to critique and evaluate my team.
keep in mind today is only my 5th day with the game.
and i havent really spent much time in training mode to hammer down any muscle memory for my combos yet. i kept dropping combos and my combos are day 1 beginner shit.
just getting a feel for the game.
but only now am i starting to get a understanding of how/when/where to toss in my assist.

so tips, advice, and evaluation/critique is welcomed and appreciated.
tho i will say beforehand, with 16 i kept doing the super unsafe qcb command grab, which i know i shouldnt do but im just trying to get close, close the gap. but yeah i know i shouldnt toss out random qcb + h moves with 16, but he wasnt punishing them so i felt he was free when it comes to spamming that unsafe af move.


Well first thing aside from your team being whack is the order. 18 is fine where she is but, as shitty of a character as 17 is, 16 assist does a lot more for 17 then 17 does for 16. And 16 is just better overall solo than 17.
0:59 you call 16 assist and you are not ready to aggress upon goku. And immediately following that you do an M auto combo, M auto combos should neeeever be used unless you are 16 ending a combo.
1:34 im not an 18 player but im pretty sure a 17 call there isnt advisable anyways, but you def waited wayyy to long to call him
4:40 you legit just down backed for 4 seconds full screen, you should never be stationary in this game
6:48 round opening super, I shouldnt have to tell you why this is whack.
Im 13 minutes in and not watching further. Get grounded auto combos out of your life and learn real combos as soon as possible, stop sitting still in neutral, learn movement options; I dont recall seeing you forward or back dash at all. And to reference something you said earlier about your assists being whack for controlling space or approaching w/e else. While that is correct, the primary uses of assists in this game is lockdown then neutral application generally comes 2nd outside of a couple characters. Then everything else should just fall into place with playing.


what do the little colored squares next to people’s usernames over the chibi avatars represent in a lobby?
connection quality or their rank level?


Rank level. I don’t remember the specific color rankings though


win percentage


mm oh ok. clarified.


oops i forgot to ask. i already unlocked blue goku n vegeta. havent unlocked android 21 yet.

but as for the other dlc characters like broy cooler etc. is there a way to unlock them in game by completing shit or is the only way to ever obtain the dlc characters is by actually buying them?


Been a hot minute since I have played, but if I remember correctly you have to purchase the rest of the DLC.

And playing story mode to unlock 21 is so painful you might just want to buy her too instead.


Blugeta, Bluku and 21 are the only characters that can be earned in game. The others have to be bought.


has there been a leak of who the dlc characters will be in season 2?
assuming there is a season 2.


um. someone explain this to me.
2 questions.
if im in the corner and i do reflect to get someone’s pressure off me how is it possible that almost instantly after doing reflect where i push them off theyre able to get close to me again?
why is it that if i react correctly to someone teleporting behind me and i block, why is it teleport safe on block? cuz my opponent will teleport behind me, i’ll block it, and yet their attack comes out before mine does.
so i cant punish a correctly blocked teleport?
am i missing something here?
cuz this game is mindfucking me with teleport being safe on block and reflect pretty much being useless with opponents still getting back on me damn near instantly.


some characters you have to double reflect like cell and goku black because their buttons just lauch them forward.
Vanish is + on block, if your reaction to a vanish in neutral is block then you have made the wrong decision every characters 2H has invincibility to air attacks after a certain frame so that should be your reactionary move of choice. if they do a vanish from a blockstring the appropriate reaction is reflect, however some characters have buttons into vanish that is a true blockstring so you just have to play or take everyone to the lab


would be nice, but if reddit does not know no one does. the games world tour finals are at the end of Jan, so maybe something will be announced there. Otherwise (and its more speculation) the game will be dead-ish, certainly with less “new” appeal, and it’s such a great fighter.


Yea vanish, reflect, and 2h are all good counters to vanishes that aren’t true block strings.


does the game auto correct the side in which my character faces if i hit down heavy? or do i gotta help the AI out by holding down+the side the opponent is teleporting to plus the heavy? cuz there are times where it seems characters do not auto correct fast enough in certain situations