The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)


i know im super scrubby at this game to be making a judgement call on it…but since im on the receiving end of experts beasting on me online, ive come to notice that the game is very offense oriented with very little defensive options.
because for a game that mimics and took so many cues from its inspiration which is marvel vs capcom 2…it is a complete utter mystery why the devs did not implement MvC2’s pushblock mechanic into the game. it took so many mechanics and rules from MvC2, yet didnt insert one of its most important mechanics, the pushblock.
because i was wondering why the fuck, in MvC2, you dont see such a tendency to find yourself in the corner so much, where the matches are taking place in the middle of the stage just as much as in the corners…while in DBFZ most of the matches take place in the corners of the stage with very little combat taking place in the middle of the stage.
and im like, wtf?
why, the fuck, did arcsys not adopt pushblock in this motherfucker?
it makes the game sorta wack cuz matches devolve into…"im just gonna hit buttons not giving a fuck if i get hit or not, hope i eventually connect, and then do my memorized long string simon says combos, and fuck your defense, since we dont have defensive options here. and whoever has their simon says combos muscle memorized best, wins. "

sorta wack man.
because i noticed that people will hit buttons just to hit buttons. meaning this.
lets say the round starts.
people will hit buttons when they arent even close enough to make contact with their attacks…BUT…BUT…close enough to cause your character to go into block animations.
and once your character gets stuck in block animations even tho the opponent isnt even hitting you due to being too far away, you cant call in a assist, you cant prep a pushblock, and now that youre stuck in block animations that theyre now free to get in on you since you dont have a get off me move aka pushblock and begin the whole "im gonna be all over you for the next half hour and you better be godlike at blocking to survive.
so the game devolves into…im gonna hit buttons just to hit buttons to get you into block animations.
so its best to not ever hold back on the stick cause you do NOT want to find yourself in block animations. its better to just hit buttons too and hope for clashes.
which makes me go
if there is anything i want for this game, its the introduction of pushblock.
not only to give you stronger D, not only to not have combat devolve into just hit buttons to stay offensive and not go into block animations because block animations with no pushblock means death…but so match combat action spreads out to the entire stage. and not just all the action taking place in the corners.
just my 2 cents


the game doesnt auto correct in the sense of “if I hit 2H a few frames before they vanish imma smack them on the other side” but you have enough time to 2H a vanish on reaction.

As an Edit: on the pushblocking thing, all the “risky” stuff in this game outside of invincibility and sort of reflect is front loaded like superdash and vanish. Absence of pushblocking is the game telling you that blocking isnt good and you not gonna get a low risk mechanic that is gonna reset you back to neutral. It worked a lot better in marvel 2 because damage is higher and if you got hit by magneto or storm you were gonna eat 3 80/20 mix ups and lose a character in 4 seconds


oh i can tell that the game is telling me blocking isnt good if teleport is + on block and overheads arent - on block.
thats just freaking crazy.


vanish is - on block starting at certain heights tho. Overhead are 0 but you can deflect them on reaction (if not covered by assist or lingering supers or whatever).


Never though about it that way, ie people would just throw buttons to force the other player into block animation (guess I need more blocking :smiley: ), but certainly a bit screwed up if they autocombo or do a link and are a miles of, while the other player will be forced into blocking (given they hold back or downback). as for assists, didnt they patch it out (allowing calling assists while blocking)… and everyone thought its for the best? :smiley:

in regards to general feel, about the game promoting to be more offensive rather defensive, that’s in line with the DB manga/anime look&feel, they dont really do defense there :smiley:


nope. cant call assists while blocking. mvc2 rules still apply there.

has there been any mention by the devs of rebalancing?
i see alotta cells, alotta bardocks, alotta vegitos and have yet to see even one single fat buu, ginyu, or nappa online. not one.


All 3 of those characters are already terrifying in the hands of a character specialist though.

Fat Buu in particular.


at least i got to battle a ginyu today


Dragon ball games super showcase set for jan 14

‘Big news and reveals’



HookGangGo1 is lookin kinda spooky


If what this Roofiemong guy theorized with the steam dlc spots, and the champion choosing a character, they’ll have to announce the whole season so the champion won’t choose a character that’s already in the season. And even then, I wonder if the champion will regret his choice, since he will be all emotional after the win.


If Kazunoko wins I hope he requests Baseball Yamcha


you talkin bout dlc outfits? because i wish the game had that.
id ask for yardrat costume goku. teen trunks alternate earth long sleeve shirt costume. 17 with black shirt and red scarf, but if 18 on same team her assist 17 gets ranger costume. maybe.
vegeta with badman outfit. etc.
as for seas 2 character wishlist.
sorta shocked hercule isnt in the game. dont say cuz he cant fly cuz,
rockpack on his back for his superdash.
bojack. tapion.
pikkon. android 13. superbuu


Nope, Im just talking about using a character slot on a 2nd Yamcha lmao


Satan’s VA died though.


oh shit i had no idea.
still. dont they have a million recording from the show they can use?


If he is part of season 2, they worked on him through the last year, so maybe they recorded lines before he passed away.


Not up yet. Just the stream link


this game REALLY IS…just like marvel.
theres alotta loops.
alotta imbalance tiers
alotta touch of death combos.
its also really fun lol.
but unlike mvc2. it also has updates and patches so i hope season 2 fixes alotta the bullshit it has.