The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)


up in 25minutes


10 minute warning

Edit: I slightly feel bad for Xenoverse 2 people right now…only slightly


shit. fell 5 minutes afterxenoverse talk. did i miss anything?


Nothing Fighterz related yet. They only announced super dragon ball heroes is coming to the west for switch and going over that right now.

Edit: so they just announced the next part of the world tour? Starts in June at CEO

Edit 2:…ok so they’re pulling an announcement of an annoucement for Fighterz. They said to wait for the Fighterz finals. Really Namco?


waste of time…


Really annoyed at the bait and switch on with them trying to hype this up and then essentially having nothing that wasn’t already announced, A card game that could have been better served announced elsewhere and then an announcement of an announcement…I feel like they kinda trolled both Xenoverse and Fighterz crowds with this since this was supposed to be for both them essentially and they got nothing to show for it.


japan always hypes up shit they shouldnt in announcements. shoulda knownbetter


no android 17 thread?
i just wanna know if anyone has found a use for his qcf/qcb+S Acrobatic Assault move to extend aerial combos with or not?



so cell can do meterless kamehameha.


Jiren confirmed, of course


did i mention cell can do meterless full screen sup…

this game.
needs severe rebalancing. and certain mechanics needs tweeking.
could care less about jiren. or any new characters right now. this game needs severe rebalancing of tiers like kevin smith needed that diet. this game is lol. its like arcsys forgot how to make fighting games.


Jiren screens in this month’s Jump then? They did say during the stream that Jump would have some info of what’s to come in the finals.


They should just add selectable assists. This way they would have a ground to stand when choosing if a character is more of a support or point.


I almost hope the character turns out to be Toppo, just hear the internet’s massive cry of disappointment.


Dunno about that. A lot of people thinks that Jiren is too boring. Toppo would be 100% a better choice. Heck, even Dyspo would be a better choice than Jiren.


I appreciate Jiren, he’s definitely the most unique antagonist DB ever had, specifically BECAUSE he’s kind of low key most of the time.

I like Toppo and Dyspo too though. Wouldn’t be upset if they all make it in.



More of a rival than a final boss though, but I do see what you’re saying.

Different vibe because he’s never the big bad of the story.


that head look like a dick tho.