The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)


I just don’t want Jiren to be gimmicky, like being so OP you can only play him solo. I see him being a mesh of Broly and Hit.


If Jiren makes in, I’m pretty sure we will also get ultra intinct Goku at some time.


It would be worth getting Ultra Instinct Goku with Jiren for the intros/dramatic finishes alone.


I want Team Intros. Gimme Goku/Freeza/17 banter or the All Human Brigade


just want master roshi dammit


dis game doesnt allow you to save a replay of a double K.O.



sooooooo…you can low profile high attacks in this game? cuz multiple times i did cross up mid kicks and they whiffed cuz my opponent just crouched and hit a button.


regarding android 18…

im having alotta trouble doing super dash after a mid air qcb+M 17 assist.
do you guys know what im talking about?
air combo into down heavy into 17 assist, as he knocks opponent down i should be air dashing back up to continue the combo.
if i can find a vid ill link it.
well anyway my super dash isnt coming out at all. what am i missing here? am i supposed to be jumping first after the 17 assist then immediately super dshing?


Reminder…Finals for DBFZ are this weekend

schedule for Sunday
Broadcast @ 11am with top 8
event is set to conclude @ 7pm

I’m assuming this is PT since it’s Los Angeles

They just showed who’s in top 8. Sonic Fox and HGG are the only people repping USA.


Reminder…top 8 finals on now

Fox looks like he got downloaded

Edit: Go1 looks like he is in top form right now.


watch it till the end!


That was quite the motherfuckin reveal!!


They announced and announcement twice in a row, but didn’t announce anything, now they leaked a trailer. Because I’m disappointed at another Broly and worse Gogeta, I have to say it’s been a clusterfuck.


A valid point.

Counterpoint: Great Saiyaman with 6 seconds of posing.


Not feeling S2 so far

Jiren - wack
Videl - new waifu, unique fighter, hype
Super Broly - come on, we already have one in the game
Gogeta - was on my wishlist but would rather prefer him to be paired with Janemba

And apparently there are only 2 more spots left to go, though some claim it’s 4

Also still no Deluxe edition reveal, I don’t want to get into a situation of buying the game and the DLC separately only for them to announce a GOTY edition with everything included


Curious, how many people here have seen the new Broly movie?


Seen it twice.


Do it now


Kazunoko won the world tour! Hype!


was there any mention of rebalancing the tiers? i care more about that than new reveals.