The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)


No mention of rebalancing yet.


They’ll reveal it with a tweet, and the two next characters in a random Jump magazine. Japanese devs are retarded.


wasnt expecting video, still hoping for my boy master roshi. evil containment wave!


Pretty hyped for Videl and gogeta. Jiren doesn’t look and play as bad as I initially thought.


Let’s hope for him and Mai or Launch to be in the game.


would’ve been hilarious if videl had Mr. satan help her as well.



Jiren looks terrible, as expected. Videl looks fine, but not exactly a character I’m thrilled to see. We already have the real Broly, and we get another blue haired saiyan to top it off.

Combined with how boring the game has turned out to be, season 2 looks like a hard pass for me.


BRB, looking up the definition of irony


anybody know when the 2 new characters drop?


You didn’t watch the trailer did you? Lol


i did. i guess i didnt really pay attention to anything written during the end. i’ll check it out again.


How mad would people be if the last 2 spots were UI Goku and Perfect (Royal? I da know what the official name is or if there is one yet) Blue Vegeta?


I’d actually love to see UI Goku. He’s probably my favorite Goku transformation. And would have a lot of cool moves to draw reference from.

‘True’ blue Vegeta tho? Meh. If I had to have another Vegeta I’d rather Majin for potential bitch slap command grab.


I don’t see a 2nd blue Vegeta being too likely, just because of visual similarities to normal blue Vegeta.

My fear is that both remaining characters will be Gokus though. UI and kid, maybe.


Patch notes (Japan).

Translation below:



translated by: @GREATFERNMAN

Recoverable Health:

The amount of recoverable health left after taking damage has been reduced (with the exception of invincible attacks)

Ki Gauge:

The amount of meter gained when getting hit by supers has been reduced. The amount of meter gained by being hit by other moves has been increased

After using meter, there is a set period of time where meter gain is reduced

Smash Moves:

As long as the proper conditions are fulfilled, smash moves will have their cinematic camera animation, regardless of height

Invincible Moves:

Cannot call assists or ultimate z change unless the move hits

EX Moves:

The amount of recoverable damage you do to the opponent has been decreased (with the exception of invincible attacks)


All hits after a super that aren’t ultimate z change supers will do less damage (with the exception of specific supers)

Made it easier for ultimate z change supers to combo

Various Lvl3 Supers:

Minimum damage increased


Added the ability to do sparking while in blockstun (even while in the air)

While in sparking, the amount of recoverable damage you do to the opponent has been decreased (with the exception of invincible attacks)

Other than when cancelled from an attack, sparking has slower startup


Made it easier to get the camera animation when vanish is done during an attack

Z Reflect:

Made reflect invincible to sparking after it has caught and reflected an opponent’s move

Various Throws, Dragon Rush:

Made it impossible to land multiple times in one combo

Dragon Rush:

Less meter gain and damage on hit

If used in a combo, all hits after will not have their camera animation (aka they will lose smash property)

Air Dragon Rush:

If used in a combo, it will slide knockdown the opponent

Guard Cancel Change:

Added invincibility up until the move hits or gets close to the opponent

Increased recovery and landing recovery

Ground Backdash:

Increased travel speed

Shenron (Revive Team):

Characters will be revived with more health

Shenron (Health Regeneration):

Health will regenerate faster

Ground Tech (In Place):

Made it more difficult for airborne opponents to apply pressure on this tech option

Ground Tech (Delay):

Made it possible to go into various different ground tech options up until you are completely knocked down

(this was already possible, perhaps this means the window is longer or that it’s possible to do even from slide knockdown)

Dramatic Finish:

Made dramatic finishes activate when vanish kills, not just 5H


Not sure I like most of these changes.


I’m surprised that super dash and vanish didn’t get any changes.


Wow they fucked up, linking supers was half the fun tech in this game.


2gb update on steam version now.


some gameplay from the devs of the 2 new characters

i will be picking up Videl but not Jiren. not my taste