The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)




Using a bar to switch on block without your character getting tagged on the way in ain’t that bad…gives more defense options. It can still be punished and baited though right? As long as it can I think it’ll balance out. Double supers gettting nerfed is sad…


In fact, it’s more easily baited and punished



Some of SSJ Goku’s double super shenanigans straight up miss.


So Videl gets two costumes but no one else does? Lol


Actually there’s a vid that I saw that has F.Trunks Super costume in it.

Trying to locate the vid.


Is that being added in season 2 then?


Wait F Trunks’ costume is in that early videl vid with the pony tails and since the guy mentioned that he was using a modded copy of the game I’m unsure if it’s something someone modded or not.


I gotta say, Jiren’s theme is my definitely my new favorite in the game by far (no bias). It sounds like a Guilty Gear theme. It’s like if Holy Orders started working out and starting fucking shit up


@Evil_Canadian you Jiren got the meme infinite flip.


idk about you guys but i’m loving the new patch. the tiers feel much more balanced overall.
i hope this new patch inspires people to pick up the low tiers like krillin, ginyu, nappa, broly, 17, and majin buu and actually use em online cuz im sick of all these damn cells, bardocks, vegitos, and other top tiers which is the only thing you see online.

also, loving the salty tears from the tier whores now that alotta their bullshit no longer works. lol


for xbox hold LB+A
PS4 hold L1+X while selecting her.


Not actually low tier, look up Alioune vids.





her back+S can even dodge super projectiles just fyi.


So how is everyone liking the new characters so far? I haven’t bought them yet but like everyone I played online was using Videl. Didn’t run into a single Jiren. Lol


One is Yun and the other is Hakan. Not surprising