The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)


i have played against a few Jirens and all i can say for now is people kept whiffing his super.
didnt feel especially strong imo.
as for videl she fav bae.
feels like they gave her too many options. she can do it all.
her qcf+R2 saiyaman move powers up every saiyaman move from that point on. her forward+heavy is disgustingly fast rekka which you can do stuff at the end. her down down+l/m/h cross up isnt very good but opens people up.
her command grabs are…well let me put it this way dont block high. literally. just dont unless you have to.
her auto light combo has command grab and peeps no where near me when initiating the light auto combo would catch me with the 3rd light input which is a command throw, her ryu leg throw and i kept falling for it.
hell i caught a million peeps sleeping with her “while knocked down” lvl 3 freeza super.
she cant loop in the corner as far as i know like 18 but who cares cuz you dont know where or how to block against her since she feels like 18 on crack.

her standing+S saiyaman move where he flies across the screen horizontally has fireball property because if you super dash against it you’ll fly right by saiyaman and get in.
her command qcb+m move calls out saiyaman for a hit if you time your button press of i think it was S button right when they hit the wall.

i wish i had my girl all to myself cuz i just know i’ll be seeing alot of videls from now on. at least for the time being.



Kazunoku messing with Videl

Verdane messing with Jiren


Yo Jiren?




Jiren seems to be similar to Vegeto. Extending his combos with assists don’t give me results worth the effort.


jiren tod

videl tod

gohan loses his doo rag after his knock down super, never noticed till now.
team fist on hips vs crossed arms over chest. nice!





Glitch found


Kazunoko’s Videl is nasty.



was thinking of buying android 21 to form team tits which is videl, 18 and 21…then i realized 21 isnt up for sale as dlc.
and yesterday i faced off against the most annoying team ever which was zamatsu, ss blue goku and hit and it was just teleporting madness. wanted to spike my controller.


idk if you guys knew this but videl can stay infinitely in the air by doing moonsault kick over n over again, just continuously kicking opponent never touching the ground. so i did it to some guy’s broly to see how long i could keep doing it, and he couldnt seem to figure out how to stuff it.
after the fight i sent him a z stamp of smiling freeza and he sent back a fat buu stamp with steam coming out his head lmfao.
good times.



Chris G’s Videl

This character’s corner carry is crazy


you know what i hate the most about this game? beam assists. i just hate how fucking strong they are. if every character had em it wouldnt be an issue but god damn does it feel impossible to fight against. i dont know whats worse. the fact the beam assists carry you into the corner or that they are all encompassing.
fuck this game and its bullshit. no pushblock and no option for assist type makes it feel broken.
if you are gonna give a character in a 3v3 assist type fighter with no opt to choose a assist type, a beam assist, that character better be shitty in every other aspect. like bottom tier bad. wtf arcsys. its like the devs forgot what balance is. trying to play a team with nothing but beam assists when your team doesnt have it feels impossible.


It’s been a while since I’ve seen someone call out beam assists in this game as too strong.

I think most of the time people are calling beams high mid tier assists compared to things like Gotenks, Vegeta SS, or Yamcha.


Beam assists are good but kazunoko doesn’t seem to care much about em. From what I’ve seen I think I’d rather deal with beam assist then getting hard locked by Yamcha or KB assist and having to guess the mixup.


using team big body now.
broly nappa and 16.
nappa feels wack tho. his saibamen too slow and leave the field too early. but its funny when they do work.
also, people hate losing to nappa. they just do. cant tell if its cuz of saibamen being that annoying to everyone. fun tho.