The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)


For any of my fellas that havent seen the broly movie yet, there is def a whole english dubbed broly movie on the hub




know why super broly just like jiren is in the game? cuz dbsuper made a ton of money. me, i wish theyd focus more on the dbz universe and leave the super characters for last but oh well



some Videl stuff by ChrisG



ahhh, that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you cause your first furious rage quit.



finally finished story mode, 21 unlocked.
formed team tits.
21, 18, and videl.
more powerful than go lions unifying to form voltron.
the invincible power or estrogen.
cannot be stopped.


I dunno, there’s still quite a lot of testosterone fighting alongside that estrogen.


you mean by 17 and saiyaman assist? or by 21 having all these male warriors genetics inside her…let me word that in a less sexy way. by her being formed by genetic material by the Z warriors?

in other news.
can Adult Gohan still do these combos post latest patch?

i know he gets nerfed early on in the game, i assume vid is after 2nd patch idk, latest patch ???
these combos are freakin hard to do in training mode. cant tell if my execution bad or something changed last patch.

2m into lvl 3 is lol. shit feels broken.



how the fuck can people even share that assholes stuff when he went and tried to say I faked being sick and paid off all my doctors to fake my medical record. That dude should be outcast from the community for that shit.


A friendly reminder that coming in and making claims like this is disruptive and does you more harm than anyone else. This is not the thread for such things.


no claim its a fact, I am, im commenting on the content I see posted.


I stop you right here. this is the dbfz thread and the stuff people talk here about is exactly that.
and when someone post a video of a content creator you dont like not matter if the reason is valid or not you have to endure it without to make a fuss. when someone “attacks” you on this forum, report him and then things will get dealed with! thats it about the topic, no further discussion needed, stay ontopic!