The General Dragon Ball FighterZ Thread v2 (Saiyan Certified)


Be right back, I gotta take a shower after watching that.




last night i played against NYChrisG,
at least i think it was him idk. thats what his tag was.
is he a majin buu player?
cuz if he does its prob him. bodied me for free. his majin was fucking me up with overhead. i play a lil majin too so when i see the wind up to his slow ass overhead i know whats coming but he kept wrapping me up in the corner with buu’s potbelly command grab loop and for whatever reason my brain kept thinking i needed to block that low when i dont. it instills the desire to low block for whatev reason in my brain which kept getting me hit by his overhead.
at first i got bodied hard but after some matches i did better against him.
i checked his twitch stream last night. i didnt appear but i did that he streamed his console matches. this was on pc. at 4am.
10 peeps in the lobby and im praying for someone less experienced but it was only us two so i had to roll up my sleeves and put up a challenge to not bore him like i usually haveta do against high level dudes. i saved the replay to most of our matches tho. i might upload em for yall to see.
its not easy when you only have 2 months experience vs a 1 year experience player.


Never really known Chris G to be a Majin Buu player. Did he have Trunks on the team?


majin buu, super saiyan vegeta, goku black.


He’s not really an MBuu player, but he has been known to mess around with other teams on stream.


whoever it is, and i assume it is him, his buu was serious.
like only one of two buus that good ive played against (northeast)
im uploading now. you’ll see soon.
but i doubt he was streaming at 4am.



Not all heroes wear capes




Shit man that sucks. I hope things work out for Nakkiel.



HOLY FUCK… you guys delete my posts, or give me shit about my posts when people make videos saying I faked being sick even with proof, but now you can post this and its ok? You guys are fucking trash so fucking fake its disgusting.


silly question @dialupsucky
but why dont you do online matches stream vids like for example jmcrofts on twitch/youtube?


What’s wrong with the Broly setup vid ?


Nothing is wrong with the broly vid. Dailup has an issue with Rooflemonger.



You can never have enough Gokus