The (Germany or Florida) Thread...There is no Coincidence

It is a known fact weird stories come out of Germany or Florida all the time. Once you are aware of this fact, it only becomes more prevalent and unbelievable as time goes on and more, and more weird stories do in fact, come out of Germany or Florida

Reveal the truth and let it be known…Somebody made a Florida thread awhile ago, but we can’t forget about the Germans either…

First credit goes to Jae Hoon

and here is Florida’s contribution Bugs_bunny.gif keeps looking better and better: Florida thread

Why is it that these two places are known for weird stuff?

Nigga’s smoking pot and then deciding to eat faces? Is Florida/German water poisoned?

That’s a bold statement with only one example each.

OP is just biting some Adam Corolla bit, which imo loses a lot of its effect when you aren’t guessing whether its florida or germany.

Be fair, the zombie wasn’t “smoking pot” he was doing lines of bath salt. Not sure if FL water is poison but it always smelled like rotten eggs to me.

Later reports stated he had only pot in his system.

Seriously? If that’s the case he was simply a fucked up individual who wanted to eat faces. You can’t blame weed on that one, but you can easily blame the fact he was in Florida.

I’m still suspicious of those results given the variety of formulas of bath salts. If all he was on was weed you’d think he would have settled for cheetos

They only found weed because they know how to test for weed but not that particular bath salts. You have to know the reactive agent left in the system to test for it and considering there are many varieties of bath salts and testing for it isn’t as honed in as weed testing, naturally they didn’t find it.

Distinction: Florida cannibals eat on the street, German cannibals eat like this:

A lot of impulsive weird crimes committed in Florida while Germans (surprise, surprise!) usually have very calculated weird crimes. The weird thing is that Florida isn’t even #1 in meth and PCP consumption compared to other states, but looking at the crime statistics, you’d think they are.

It’s true. But this is a thread, and the Germany or Florida stories have piled up before. I mean, damn, there is a Florida thread so wth

Give it time. Watch how often stories will pop up now that it’s in your head.

You’d be batshit too if you lived in a place where you had to worry about Neptune coming to fuck your shit up every year.

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