The GGPO Discussion Thread

too complex to set up?
don’t like the GGPO games?
don’t have a stick?
the games on GGPO don’t have a big scene offline?
don’t know how to play the games on GGPO?

does anyone else find it odd that this website, possibly, has 10,000+ members but less than 400 people play on GGPO during its busiest times? and over half of that 400 is going to be the KOF 98\02 players from mexico\japan\china so its roughly 100-200 US players on during busy times.

and its even rougher looking @ a 3,000+ post thread about a new DS game when the vsav room on ggpo can barely crack 10 players @ times. usually we’re around 20+ when busy and the vampire hunter room is a steady 0 pretty much all the time

It doesnt have new shiny 2.5d graphics. =D

I would love to play a lot of the games on GGPO (Vampire, JoJo’s, MvC1, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, etc) But I don’t exactly know where to start with them.

I guess if I tried harder I could learn them, and if I looked harder than I could get resources to help learn. But it’s not as easy as looking in my MvC3 strategy guide and instantly become godlike. If they had more players willing to introduce new players to the game, it might be easier for me and others to get into.

Cause they never updated morrigan’s sprite

If you wanna get into KoF, theirs #SNKplaymore on, if you wanna get into Vampire SAvior theres the threads here and the people in the GGPO room and the mizuumi wiki, if you wanna get into ST theres threads here and people in the room, ETC. Saying you have no ways of getting better is bull seeing how you have access to all the same information I do which is why I’m getting better at games, people better than me and information resources. Their is no goddamn easy button to become godlike in seconds.

Personnally I just like the games I have outside of GGPO better at the moment, nothing against Vampire Saviour, I actually quite like it, but I prefer my airdashers more atm (In particular AH3), and have friends irl who I can play them with in person so my practice time is more likely to be dedicated to them.

You could start with the SRK wiki for all of those game.

Though I think it because of the fact that most of SRK’s population are bad players, and they think a lot of the GGPO player are way out of their league.

Because people only care about UMVC3 and SFIV and not fighting games in general, they are not fans of the genre.

Port forwarding is an issue for me since I’m living on my college campus right now. Otherwise, I’d totally try to get into KoF and/or Super Turbo.

My stick doesn’t work with my computer :sad: <=== JoJo’s

I would play, but my stick has issues with ggpo =/

I do not use GGPO because the only game I am interested in playing is Vampire Savior and the free time I do have I do not want to wait around for the 3 other people in that room to come back from AFK.

You forgot the 6th option that there are alot of people on SRK who like to say that older games are godlike to get respect on the website yet refuse to play them because … uh? I would play VS but I don’t have time to get at it anymore despite it being one of the games I loved playing when I was younger.I am too busy trying to learn MvC2 and KoF XIII. The only other games I would like to play on there is SSF2T,but I actually really enjoy HDR so I just play that instead.


I’d guess awareness would be the primary factor, followed by technical issues and game preference. We could contact staff about running a survey if you really want to know. I’m sure data like that would be a big help in growing the GGPO scene.

Dustloop has its own VSav subforum as well. It’s more organized than the SRK one, with character-specific threads, video thread, etc.

I’m currently tussling with port forwarding because I am technologically inept/currently on a Macbook. Extra hoops to jump through are annoying, but I’ll deal. GGPO itself wasn’t hard to set up though.

Maybe a cheap wireless router or some such might work?

This explain my scenario.

So I think I am going to check out how to do so.

Online is too impersonal.

Doesn’t work for me. I’d love to play again but it will not go past the username screen.

Love the concept of GGPO and Supercade, but I’ve been jumping around between games so much that I can’t stick with one (ST, VS, 3S), and I’m equally terrible at all of them. I’ve been spending some time trying to convince my equally terrible RL friends to play on GGPO with me, but I haven’t been successful so far. I’ll be on there at least for SamSho II… probably still my fav fighter.

The lack of a local offline scene for these games is a problem I’ve also considered. There are a few arcades in the general area that have SF4, so I’ve considered whether it might be worth my time to learn that and frequent arcades again, despite my lack of love for the game’s mechanics and characters.