The giants? How do you feel about em?

I haven’t really had any real qualms with them, or that they don’t really have the best advantages right now at this point in the game since everyone is taking baby steps. Also interesting seeing them being played in tourneys as well. You know I kind of like them. It’s something new…tag team fighters-wise I think.

But they in my opinion feel as they don’t belong. Those slots on the character screen could have been someone else, ya know? Since it’s like they are 2 characters 4 more characters could have been added to the roster.

Instead we have the giants. Do you welcome them, hate them, or just kind of cope because it’s all we got? You know just out of curiousity.

Of course some of you could give a shit…

I personally like the giants because they interest me. I like how they work and I’d find them fun to watch being played. I don’t play them because I strictly always use Megaman.

They’re like Dan Hibiki and S3 Sean. You just kinda find yourself rooting for those characters in fights. Same thing with me and the giants. I hope for them to win. I want them to win, because watching them win is like watching Dan beat Akuma or something.

That’s just me.

Giants are really annoying. It involves me just moving back and spamming projectiles since yeah, giants don’t flinch. They’re really out of place in this game, and there could have been much better alternatives.

Yeah it’s a cool idea, but in practice it just ends up making the match really boring most of the time.

Yeah I agree on the much better alternatives.

I love them. I don’t find them boring at all, especially PTX.

However, they suck. :confused: They have a million counterpicks that make the match almost imposible to win against, they are actually very frail due to only being 1 character and not being able to regenerate health, and they don’t have many options against defensive players.

Stupid stuff like PTX’s grab being so easy to tech, and characters with command throws like Tekkaman being able to rape them for free.

It’s like the developers THOUGHT they’d be too powerful and so purposefully mooted a lot of their better options.

I’m still going to main PTX, but I will only ever use him as a counterpick against teams who don’t have Tekkaman/Karas/Saki/Alex. He has the tools to win, but not against those characters.

I think they are an interesting idea that could have been implemented a lot better. I agree with frustratedsquirrel that it seems like they were intentionally weakened for the sake of balance, but it was taken way too far.

They’re fun to goof around with, but when most everyone can just run away or beat them outright I can’t help feel like that they’re character slots could have been better used by someone else. I’d love for that opinion to change, I just don’t think it’ll happen…

I’m loving the concept, they’re fun…

I posted my thoughts about the difficulty in balancing the giant characters in the Tier discussion thread, here:

It’s kinda too bad that they didn’t turn out to be very effective characters, because their popularity is sure to suffer now. Already you can see, part of the reason why people now say they wouldn’t want giant characters in a sequel is because they’ve made such a bad first showing. If they were more formidable, people would think differently. Admittedly, if it’s that bad for a sequel, I too would feel like those character slots were kinda wasted.

When I first saw them, I remember thinking “this isn’t bad, this will be like one of those boss battles against the first form of Abyss or Onslaught, except it won’t be with a dumb CPU that you can just camp and bait and beat with stupid stuff all the time, it could be a real challange, and it’s something new”. As a matter of fact, my biggest gripe with the game was that they included a feature-less, rider-less PTX thing instead of Blodia, or a Techromancer character… so I did care enough about them being in the game to have an opinion on their inclusion. Anyway. That’s just how it goes.

I do hope that Capcom will be willing to try them again in a sequel.

They are good. The problem is that people are playing them like they’re playing two characters. They should control them like giants.

For instance. Spammy projectiles? Lightan reflect or go near them, or counterattack with PTX’s strong projectiles.

It really isn’t that simple…but k :wonder:

Anyway I think the giants are a waste of character space. Capcom’s development time could have been put to better use for sure. 2-4 more “normal” characters would have been immensely better

Either way, I hope they continue this series and use this as experience to further balance the giants in the future. It’s an interesting concept I think, kind of like ratio in CvS2 except with it’s own obvious twist. It’s extremely fair on the smaller characters too as this game has shown. They just need a few tweaks to even things out, like a little more speed to clear ground and in PTX’s case, better combo options.

I don’t think I could compare these guys to Sentinel, they seem to be on a much bigger scale to me and I’m not supprised it was hard to hit the nail on the head first time. But I deffinately like them, they make the game more interesting. Had they have been just a little bit better, it would have added loads to the nature of the match-ups. Instead of it just being a one way thing most of the time.

Garr for TvC2 please…

Dante from DMC or Wesker from RE. Wesker would be the game’s dictator (vega).

RE characters… _. Yah do I have to remind you of Jill? Realistic “heroes” suck in vs. games and you know it.

giants are garbage. wasnt gold dude not even suppose to be in the game, and he was just in there for the location test.

fuck giants. i hope they die fast

should i remind you that wesker survived a stab wound from a fucking tyrant close range, is so powerful you can see his eyes glow red through the darkest shades in the universe, and has a deathfist.

Jimmy, I see no reason why Gold Lightan was not supposed to be in the game. :confused: Gold Lightan is a very iconic tatsunoko character and is considered one of the milestones of anime. There’s a very good reason they chose to include him in the game.

I don’t see why you hate the giants so much. They’re much more interesting than a large portion of the cast. I would rather watch a PTX match than a Ryu/Chun Li team anyday.

Also, lol @ this match. [media=youtube]wgvI3Ma2VeU&feature=related[/media]

Heck, I was wondering why people don’t block the projectiles especially when they’re in the neutral stance.

I wonder how long it took the creator of Gold Lightan to come up with the design of that robot, some people say it was longer than all the robots of all Gundam combined, but some say he doodled it while shitting bricks in cube-shape, which was an inspiration to him. What a shitty ‘iconic’ character.

Gold Lightan was a pioneer in the Giant Robot genre. You probably wouldn’t have all your Gundams if it weren’t for Lightan.