The giants? How do you feel about em?


Get your facts right.

Mobile Suit Gundam 0079: Original run April 7, 1979 January 26, 1980

Gold Shitan: Original run 1 March 1981 18 February 1982


Actually, Lightan was a merchandise driven mecha. It was so popular because of its “transforming” look and the fact that it sold so many transforming toys.

However, him >>>> other mechas for one thing - HE DOESNT USE LAZERS OR ROCKETS. Pulling your enemy’s core while ignoring damage is the best thing a mecha has done.


whoops, my bad.
I could have sworn I’d read he was before MSG >.<

I do remember hearing something about lightan being important for something animation-related though. Either way, he is still fairly iconic for Tatsunoko.


Ill be waiting for your Lightan and PTX videos, F. Sq.


and dont forget he has posibly one of the cooles voices (for a mecha…not that they talk that often) in the whole anime world


and dont forget he has posibly one of the coolest voices (for a mecha…not that they talk that often) in the whole anime world


Don’t count on it. I need to figure out a way to record first, and my friend isn’t exactly show-worthy competition.

But once I do get a good recorder of some kind, I’ll post a tutorial and stuff, just to help people get over the fear of playing such an awkward character.



Fuck a Lightan. Should have put Ultra 7 in this mother 4 ya or Maybe…

Isamu fucking Dyson for TvC2. Better than any pilot from anything you can think of. Macross Plus for the win.


is Macross tatsunoko? but anyway i dont care for the giants. sure it makes the gameplay different but its not in a really good way. they are just huge and people with projectile supers will just do them when a wiffed move is done by either giant.


yup it is.


One thing that nobody is really doing much of when playing PTX is firing both guns in the same animation. If you find yourself carrying two machine guns, he can actually fire down and straight ahead at the same time by inputting 236A and then quickly 214B. This limits your opponent’s movement a lot, and if you know you’re going to hit, you can always just fire both guns at the same spot.

When combined with the unblockable rockets, it becomes even better. Use the machine guns to clear a path of projectiles and pin the opponent down, then fire the rocket and baroque. The rocket takes on the extra damage of the baroque, and since it’s unblockable it makes for a threatening projectile. And since you just baroqued, you can even start preparing a chainsaw and stuff. If you have 3 meter, it’s even more damage because his rocket combos into the level 3 super.


Why is this info not in the PTX forums?


It is…it was all posted early on in the main PTX thread. Not by me, but by someone else.


Macross 1 is owned by Tatsunoko. However, some copyright mumbo-jumbo is being brought up for the sequels.


I was under the impression that Tatsunoko merely had producer credit for Macross 1 and its movie, and had no claim to actual ownership.


^Hence why there’s a copyright mumbo-jumbo with the companies.


Some lightan fanboy neg-repped me cause I insult lightan’s name. I insult his name again, gold shittan. You know who you are.


The giants are super fucking cool. Kudos to the TvC team for having the guts to try a pair of gimmick characters, AND for taking the time to make sure they are not overly powerful. Variety is the spice of life, and the giants ARE variety. Sorry to you if they are boring for you to fight or watch, but I have a great time playing as them.


So I had some time to play Lightan tonight in real matches vs good players tonight, gotta say, he’s fun as hell. For casshern, I just jumped around to dodge the dog and if I saw him call friender, I’d punish with air GOLD FINGAAAAA CRASHHHHHUUUUU.

Mix up stuff like 2AAA 5B command grab or 5B 2B since 2B has the same animation almost as the grab. 3C into kick super is satisfying as fuck. Only annoying thing was fighting cassherns drill kick but I could get around that and as long as I kept him in the corner, it wasn’t a big deal.

Also alex was pretty easy to beat. Just zone the hell out of him, he couldn’t do a whole lot. Tekkaman is the only one I think I’d be scared to fight.

Oh and vs Saki I tried to punish gun loads with full screen gold finger crash, and once I got in on her, just stick to her like hot glue.


Yah repping is such a stupid and useless feature. Not even sure why vb forums have it. The fact that the coward is anonymous makes it even more annoying because they can pretty much rep you for no good reason if they feel like it.