The GIF Thread! 56k Beware! Vol. 7

:u: Oh what the fuck!? I seriously started laughin’ out loud, man. Gah dayum.

lol reminds me of this - [media=youtube]rHDFlhsC-CY[/media]

if you cover up the reflection is all win!!

How do you say WTF in Spanish lmao


Que la fuck!?

Just remembered he isnt Spanish, you don’t happen to know any Portuguese? lol

stare at the black dot



What am I suppose to see???

The black and white image should seem like it has color after the countdown.

Seems legit. I blinked afterwards and it went back to black and white. Then I did it again, continued staring after the countdown and it remained colored, slowly going back to black and white in parts.

Pretty crazy shit.

If you guys like that one, i have a collection of trippy optical illusions at the house, will put em up when I get home

I just wish gifbin wouldn’t go to a random ad website every 5 seconds, anyone else have that problem?