The Gimmick of I - FINSHED COMIC! ...well kinda

This comic is very misleading, if you don’t like the first couple of pages stick around.

The name of my story is “The Gimmick of I”.

In the meta-age of 2600 humanity began to develop technologies that are operated solely through abstract thought. These meta-technologies supercede any previous conception of what is physically or scientifically possible: transmutation, metamorphosis, artificial mass, feigned refraction, languid light, matter creation, teleportation, etc.

The year 2653 there were large advancements in meta-technology derived from a brilliant scientist named Humn Boschk. His experiments were revolutionary in his field of investing the energies of quintessence, also referred to as the other or the meta. In his experiments he used the blind to calculate the necessary mental algorithms to apply the meta through abstract thoughts that could be interpreted by advanced computational systems. In his findings with the blind he stated, The blind have a deeper perspicacity of quintessence that those with sight will never achieve. They have been untainted with the supposed permanence of the world and can see beyond its modest boundaries. 4 years after the famous statement that would dictate the findings of the meta for centuries an event occurred that brought a disturbing prologue to the irresponsible integration of meta into society.

The 25th December in the year 2657 2% of the worlds population went unconscious for 5 months. May 17th a solution to the problem finally arose, The 49 Oratories. A massive railway of points 4,132 miles long was established across the sky; these points emit high frequency sound waves that are perfectly proportionate to the other creating destructive interference that disrupt super-conscious brain patterns that allow for advanced abstract thought. The citizens who were awoken after the incident suffered massive trauma to the psyche, went insane, died, or stayed comatose. Those who were untouched were issued a plea not to leave the shield that was attached to their very lives. The people affected by the bizarre Musing of 2657 had become mentally attached to the frequencies emitted by the 49, and if they left the influence their minds would cease to function; additionally those who enter the proximity of the 49 must receive a brain-graft to shield them from the destructive interference that would drive them mad. Those who are born and live under the points may never leave.

Sadly, this comic is based on none of that…

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Its good…I guess

You really lost me when the eggplant appeared, I might have to read it agian.

wow i love the artwork, great job…humor was weird, i kinda got it. story need a little work i suppose :smiley:

got a site?

good to hear (see?) from you again :slight_smile:

nice art… storyline smacks of “I’m sooo tired of doing this and I’m gonna have some fun now” though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: of course, if you meant the plot to be like this all along, I wouldn’t put it past you either. Your posts usually had some manic content in them (along with the good stuff too, of course)

most of it looks top-notch & beautifully done… reminds me of some korean video game art I saw a while back… there were these beautifully coloured characters. In your case, it’s b&w but it’s still beautifully done.

main gripe is the 1st panel of page 6 - either his mouth is too deep or his eye is too shallow. Looks a tad distorted. Action on page 5 is generally goofy too. Great kissing scene though.

overall, spectacular stuff that imho would be even better if you didn’t goof around with the storyline… I have absolutely no idea where the last page is going.

or maybe I just don’t get it… although eggplant is pretty tasty if prepared right.

Hmm… eggplant.


Fowdie Maggle Spaff Trickle

Heh glad you guys enjoy it. The reason its so off the wall is because I ran out of time to draw it for publishing so in order to keep the audience from being dissatisfied with the incomplete story I put the comic just over the line of sanity in order to fill for missing content. Seemed pretty sound to me at the time, heh…

rook - Yea some of the faces and bodies are kinda poor due to me rushing.

good input, rook.

yes, the story is a little weird, but most animes have poor story lines that do not compliment the great art. and the humor is a bit choppy, but like i said…thats found in all anime.
good shit though, really like the smooth shading done in the first few pages .


Its good to here from you again pimp. I thought you had passed away:confused: :lol: Anywayz, I really like the comic. The artwork is amazing. I think the story is very unique. It’s good to see some stories that make you think and be like WTF?! Being lead is overrated. Keep the audience uneasy and keep them thinking. It draws them in for more, instead of them expecting the expected.

Does that make sense…

Heh heh… I understand what you are saying Deonysios. The story I wrote WAS for a serious purpose until it came close to a deadline that it had to be finished so I sent it to the pooper personally. :cool:

Maxx I dont have a “website” but I got this shitty thing!

Thanks for the comments all! Seems like you’ve been watching the wrong anime Zen, what have you seen?

Hehe good shit. My favorite character is really the eggplant guy. Nice kissing scene. I like the way the hair spatters outwards on the girl, but seems more effective on the girl than the guy.

Overall great rendering. Hope to see more from Mr. roll throw.

hey i like these. page 4,5 and the top of 6 doesnt really do much for me. the drawing seem weak when your drawing small. this tends to happen when due to lack of details. maybe you should draw them bigger and shrink them down in a comp. the faces are nicely painted i wish there was some more of that. overall i know what your trying to do but i dont think it’s quit there yet. as for the story…who gives a shit as long as the art is good.

how right you are. i see you have some escaflowne art on that site. that was the one anime series that i liked. i think they showed like 5 episodes on fox. i saw the movie. it had great art with incredible detail but really lacked in plot. i think the series was a lot better (judging from the 5 episodes that i saw). you think i should get the dvd set for the entire series?

Sweet - I am glad you like it. There are many, many compositional problems on certain pages and my smaller characters blow. :slight_smile:

Is there a place I can goto to see some more of your art? I like what I have seen from you, PM me boi’.

SFMC - Heh thanks, yea I like the girl’s exploding head more so than the guys.

Mr. Roll throw? :frowning: I am hurt. Heh, I think I am over that phase now, working on my rush down but my college has blocked the IP for XBL so I can’t play till Summer now… ;_;

Zen - The story in Escaflowne the TV show could be considered “typical fantasy”, but if you haven’t read many fantasy novels the story is very, very good. The movie BLOWED in story, plot, and dialogue but the art was bad ass.

I would recommend Escaflowne but even more so…

Neon Genesis Evangelion has a very intricate plot and great characters. Considered the best anime, ever, by many.

Key: The Metal Idol has a VERY good story. Very resemblant to Pinnochio except good as hell.

Last Exile, nuff said… buy it, like it, OR DIE. If you don’t like this show you don’t like animation. This show has everything and anything ANYONE can enjoy.

Jin-Roh is all done by natural media, no computers. Considering how INSANE some of the animated sequences are it is VERY impressive. Probobly the best anime movie ever. It has a nice story, plot and cool parallels to Little Red Riding Hood. Very slow pacing but VERY, very good.

Serial Expiriments Lain has a FUCKING FANTASTIC plot. The plot… omg… its so good. The story is is a slice of life type of thing, but very… very… bizarre. The plot however… mmm… BUY IT.

Berserk I think is the best “fantasy” anime ever. It goes from HEAVY fantasy aspects in the first episode to explain how the demons and such came into being. The progression of the story is quite brilliant and probobly has some of the best characters in ANY anime EVER. Griffith is the coolest mother fucker ever and Guts will eat your mother out and kick your dad in the balls and laugh about it later with his friends. Caska rocks too… actually just buy this show… all of it now. The animation at TIMES has the ultra-cliched triple pan and there are a lot of close ups for budget reductions, but overall this is one of the best animes ever. The ending gets my highest praise.

Wow… now you got me talking about anime… I’ll just post other anime that is bad ass and you look them up yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu
Azumanga Daioh
Cowboy Bebop
RahXephon ( Evangelion rip off featuring music, and it works! )
Battle Atheletes Victory
Samurai X ( Stay away from Rurouni Kenshin )
Blue Gender ( pretty intense and nice characters )
Princess Mononoke
Grave of the Fireflies
Spirited Away
Magic Users Club
Millenium Actress ( shoulda made it to the Oscars :stuck_out_tongue: )
Now and Then, Here and There
Outlaw Star
Perfect Blue
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust ( the 2nd one OWNS )
My Neighbor Totoro
Kiki’s Delivery Service
Gunslinger Girl ( go to to get this! )
Haibane Renmei ( I don’t know why… but this show OWNS )
Hellsing ( cool as hell… SHITTY story )

That should keep you busy for a couple of years.

nice shit, gammon! been a minute since i’ve last seen your art.

by far my two favorite moments are “Our faces collided like a high speed carcrash … except good …” and when he just lets her fall to the floor. freaking hilarious.

nice work, keep it coming …

awsome work! my fav is #7
and i like the eggplant!


most ppl I know swing the other way… curious as to why you think that the Eng ver is better…

Yeah Lain and Berserk are one of my favs.

Oh and Hellsing werent they making a movie of that, but i am noy sure it is based off the anime though.

Ha, Gammon, I’m beating you to a post. Woo hoo.

Samurai X isn’t the “English Version”, it is the Rurouini Kenshin OVA that came before the mediocre (yet still enjoyable) television series. It’s significantly darker, bloodier, and just outright excellent.

I think Van Helsing is a character from the Dracula novels if I’m not mistaken. That movie looks awesome can’t wait woo.

And I can’t stand Kenshi’s girly voice in the japanese version hahaha. Yeh I know it’s a female voice actress… but it sounds so… weird.

Yeah what UponThou said. Samurai X is the much better in every single conceivable way version of Rurouni Kenshin. Samurai X: The Movie, however, is the stinkiest piece of shit since Angel Sanctuary or Knights of Ramune.

SFMC the movie you are talking about is Van Helsing which has nothing to do with Hellsing. :slight_smile: Looks mediocre but entertaining. I shall see it.