The Gimmicks thread



Alex is the master of all risky-as-fuck Jedi-esque gimmicks. So, why not list them?

Cross up Stomp on wakeup. Charge down, neutral followed by stMK or crLK, LK or MK Stomp.

crHP whiff, SA1 or 2.

LP Flashchop on hit, Kara throw or LP Powerbomb or bHP.

MP/HP Flashchop, bHP followup, crHK or EX Shoulder or HK Stomp (can cross up on everyone except the Twins, Q, and Dudley) or walk forward slightly and bHP.

LP Flashchop (or combo into LP Flashchop) on block or hit, charge down as you do Flashchop, followed by MK/HK Stomp. EX is too slow and LK will whiff.

Super Jump cancel MP Flashchop.

jLP, stMP/stMK, LP/EX Flashchop. Even if MP/MK doesn’t combo they still can’t throw you. You’re tricking them into thinking you’re going to do LP Powerbomb or throw.

Charge-Partition empty jump Stomp. Hold down, jump in and quickly hold down again, when you land quickly LK Stomp.

On opponent’s wakeup, stLP, stMP, LP/EX Flashchop or EX Shoulder.

jLP (hits deep), EX Air Knee Smash. Only works if they’re standing.

jHP/HK, bHP. Only works if standing. Delivers about 50% stun. Not practical at all because jump in HP/HK, sMK, LP Flashchop will do almost the same amount of stun and puts Alex in a better situation (see LP Flashchop gimmicks above).


LP Stungun on wakeup counters Denjin Ryu.

HP Stungun (opposite direction) after blocking Oro Chicken Wing.

Hugo jumps in, stMP AA, HP Stungun.

bHP at max range of Necro’s wakeup. Necro cannot punish unless he has Super.


Wow Louis you really know your shit!


Not sure if serious…


im gonna try some of these


whiff forward fierce to get in range, buffer low parry and then power bomb

haven’t tried this against anyone good but it beats up the OE 360 ranked crew all day


Picking SA3 and hoping they didn’t notice.


I picked Hyper Bomb on ryan and landed it because he totally didn’t notice I picked Hyper Bomb.


Didn’t mean to scare Huckles into just lurking and reading, now he can get some direct from Alex Alexxxin

Do it anyway if he has a Super.

Necro will Super again (right away) anyway when you block his last Elec Snake. “Filthy rat bastard”

Back HP range is sick. (Duralath vs Jibbo) So maybe only against a fat guy like Hugo? Have to walk up vs others who aren’t as extended grab-able hurtbox?


Cl Forward whiff, powerbomb

as part of the tick stomp loop balanced breakfast


bHP will beat Necro’s SA1 and 3 (Who uses 2?) if they’re being dumb and playing like Artayes. But if he blocks bHP he can punish you with either Super.




jump in LK
EX KneeDrop

God Mode (Roman Chariot statue pose back to back to back) Styling on them so they will want to try to hit you out of that, they’ve seen it immediately 2 times before! “Doing the same fuckin move on me,” so they will probably throw something out after the 2nd one hit.


Made a few minor corrections:

MP/HP Flash, bHP, and HK Stomp will not cross up on Twins, Q, and Dudley.

jHP/HK bHP is not as good as jHP/HK, sMK, LP Flashchop in terms of positioning. They do roughly the same damage and stun but if you land an LP Flashchop on hit it opens the door for other gimmicks.

Also this:


Does not work on Ryu though.

Oh, and this too:



Made a tiny correction:

jLP, stMP/stMK, LP/EX Flashchop. Even if MP/MK doesn’t combo they still can’t throw you. You’re tricking them into thinking you’re going to do LP Powerbomb or throw.

I think stMK is too slow if they try to jump out, but I just tested it again in MAME and they cannot throw if jLP is blocked or it hits them.