The glory and complexity of Street Fighter

Street Fighter is the pinnacle of all fighting games. I see some liken it to chess, but to be truthful, even chess cannot compare to the depth and capacity for mindgames that SF has. I remember the first time I played Super Turbo, when I tried to truly comprehend what was going on ingame, my brain damn near exploded. It’s so much to take in, it’s unbelievable. Unlike certain other gamescoughDeadorAlivecough

Honestly, how does Capcom do it? It floors me how other companies are never able to capture the complexity and strategy SF has. KoF tried so hard, but failed everytime to even be half as deep as SF. And GG? All GG has are tons of weird gimmicky subsystems to give the illusion of depth. SF was simple, but had far more depth than GG ever had. Honestly, I’d be happy if every other fighting game franchise failed, and only SF remained. It’s the only one that stood the test of time.

SF is much like an animal. SF is a mammal, while the other FGs are dinosaurs. Oh sure, they may look impressive with all their fancy gimmicks, but SF does what they can’t. It EVOLVES. SF has evolved so much. Each game has evolution, as people constantly find new ways to play, new ways to handle various situations. It evolves, it adapts to what is current. You want rushdown? SF can be that. You want defensive style? SF can be that too. SF isn’t just a mere videogame. It’s alive. It’s a living, breathing organism, that has grown and evolved into an apex predator, destroying all the prey(other fighters).

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0/10 btw

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Glad someone here gets it.

I like gimmicks :lovin:

They add nothing to the core gameplay though. Capcom gets it right, less is more.

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Street Fighter 1?!

Illusion of depth

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Sweet, creamy depth.