The "Glossary" for New Users (Unwritten Rules)


This thread is about what I call the unwritten rules- the things you get to know after a while here… As well as some advice.

The first place you should go- besides your character/game section- in general is your local section, be it SE NC or SE Alaska.

I’m not kidding. Go to your local section. Find the people you like there and get some contact info, and play them. Dealing with people online or their online personas on here is not going to be the proverbial bet of roses. It’s more like a bed of tacks and grease. Especially if you break a rule. People are going to be jerks to you if you break a rule and basically, this site lets these “nice” people get away with it.

As a general rule on this site as well don’t, I repeat DO NOT fire back when someone insults you. Report them, block them, ignore them, but if you fire off on them, you probably aren’t going to win, especially if they are an established member on this site.

Keep a copy of the rules if you must. Yes this site has a ton of them, but if you want to avoid an utter shitstorm every time you post, keep it there. Oh and if you make a post that sounds like you really don’t know what you are talking about, get rid of it quick. People won’t really help you unless you ask a question and in a format they accept. That’s kind of how it works here. Unlike say… The japanese VF scene, which is pretty classy, a lot of people here in 'Murrikuh seem to come from- even if they really didn’t- an inner city, grimy arcade culture where an “acceptable” response to a loss would be to punch the other player in the face.

Don’t mention Smash Brothers. This site likes to front that it’s for everyone but inside- if you haven’t already noticed- it’s a different story. If you do, keep it in its section or a related thread.

If you have a question, try and figure it out for yourself first in the game. People- excuse me, the guys here, since there are about as many women here as you have fingers- will just act you are lazy and start flaming you if you ask too many questions in Saikyo. The concept of it is nice, but the thing these guys want you to post in the most SPECIFIC section possible.


Find your local facebook group for your local thing.
And be local about it. If you live in SW Honolulu next to a beaten up suburban, you better find “the beat up suburban fight crew” or what have you.

Meet these people irl and note their tendencies like you are studying a fighting game matchup. Make sure you get an >>organized<< thing going with these people. Beware of bullshit artists- the kind of people that bum a cigarette every time/holla out the passenger seat of their best friends ride/ insert “no love for scrubs” song here. Which brings me to my next point.

**A scrub is not necessarily a newbie.**The term is often generalized to mean newbie but it’s more a derogatory term for someone who thinks they are god’s gift to fighting games and won’t learn.

This can help as well:[media=youtube]VP1cB_AVu6c[/media]

That being said this reminds me of something else…

You are never really the best.
There’s probably something you don’t know. Why is Ryu such a beast? Because he sees his weaknesses and works on them. You need to do that. You need to take those weaknesses and iron them into strengths. Be self critical. Fight through the pain and learn from it. But don’t be so critical that you lose yourself to negativity.

And as Kuroda said :

“Don’t be satisfied with just winning”

This may not make a lot of sense at first. You may ask yourself “Isn’t winning the goal?” Yes, it is. However, you can always go for a BETTER win than you had before. For example In third strike, did you win by just parrying one hit of Chun Li’s Super Art 2 after blocking the rest? That will work a majority of the time, but there are situations where that just will not work. Daigo would not have had his Evo Moment 37 had he not the ability to bait out and parry that super. There’s always a higher level, and there WILL be situations that you WILL lose if you do not push yourself to that higher level.

As an addenda to that

**IF you can do it/set it up consistently, it’s practical for you.**Impracticable- A term used when whatever you are trying to do has a very rare instance for it to be done or set up and/or is really, really hard to execute.

Impracticable is only as big of a wall as you and the match make it. I remember when Chun Li’s TAC infinite came out and nobody really cared. Now everyone else has it, and it’s suddenly practical and the best thing ever- even with the decidedly high damage but lower tier Thor. IF there’s a big enough opening, you can probably do it. Marlin Pie’s and Sako’s styles of play in their games is truly an example of how you can do seemingly “impractical” things in a match

You still have to be smart about whatever thing you are trying to do is however and learn when you can do it. With Chun li in SF4, you can JUST do the c hp legs loop. That’s predictable. Do it after you land a focus attack, or after a big whiff by your opponent. Of course in that instance you do have the luxury of it being at least sort-of safe on block (“Safe on Block” in capcom games means either +o, +1 to infinity, or at a disadvantage too small for your opponent to typically counter, such as -1. To punish something at minus one you need something that hits in one frame or less, and not many things fit this bill. ST reversal throws would be an example)

**Dan isn’t really a joke anymore.**As with other weird things SF4 did, Dan is now really strong in comparison to how he used to be. The reason this area is named the Saikyo Dojo is that “Saikyo Ryuu” is Dan’s fighting style, which is in it’s entirety a jab at Art of Fighting’s Ryo.

However over the years Dan has evolved into his own character with his own unique style. Even his default taunts and his super taunt have become legitimate fighting tools. Nowadays it isn’t that Dan is bad but that people think he is worse than he really is and that they don’t take him seriously. That can be deadly.




The same applies to every low tier, whether it be Kuma in Tekken or Sean/12/Q in 3s. Somewhere out there there’s someone who specializes in them, and if you don’t know how to fight them, they’ll probably knock you out “straightaway” as Ryan Hart and the British lot would say.

Play The Character you like best, play the games you like best.
There are a lot of people that tend to just pick what everyone else is picking. I’m guilty of this to a degree because I play very popular characters a lot of the time. Most people also gravitate who they can win with the most. This is pretty good. However, I strongly advise to pick who suits you best.

You like Rushdown but dislike using a ton of normals? C. Viper is your woman from now on.

You like dirty Mixups and hate Shotos? Play Abel, Fuerte, Viper, Gief etc.

You like legs? Pick Juri/Chun.

You wanna kill all the things? Akuma, Seth, Oni, Cammy to a lesser extent.

You love fireballs and old school fb wars? Guile, Sagat.

You wanna rush down like a sir? Dudley, chap.

Also, the game you like. Play that. A lot of people- heck Daigo included- played Sf4 BECAUSE IT WAS THERE. SF4 came out after a huge lull in releases after the utter flood that was the SF2 and post-SF2 eras. For around the better part of a decade we played older games and then this new shiny thing came out and people loved it- or claimed to for a while. But now there’s a bit more new games for every taste. Try a lot of things, keep what you like. Sadly, it may be hard now to organize tournaments for things like 3s, and a lot of people think ST is “too old”. And good luck if you try anything for something like SAMSHO post “dead era” (dead in terms of releases, incredibly varied in terms of what people played). you don’t necessarily have to follow the crowd though. On the internet there’s a site for about everything. Except an American, shoryuken-like site (in terms of population) armored core.

DO IT NOWWWWW Schwarzenegger Face


decent stuff although I don’t know if pointing out that Dan is not bad in SF4 has the same relevance everything else has


Cool. I really needed this ecause I AM kinda new to the actual breakdowns of characters and such. What i used to do was just pick ken and akuma all the time, memorize the combos, and just use them recklessly in hopes that could win. Now that i’ve seen shoryuken, i can become that much better. Now to find something on tekken 6 lol


Some good stuff in here as well as some lighthearted comedy. Well done.