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God Eater 3 - Announcement (English)

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God Eater: Resurrection and God Eater 2: Rage Burst - Western Announce Trailer




God Eater: Resonant Ops - PV

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I’m actually going to try to play this one. I have God Eater 2 on PS4 but I didn’t put much time into it.



Biting Edge

New, close-range type, dual-bladed God Arc parts. Its turnover rate is top class among all other close-range God Arcs, and by mode-changing into its mow-down form, its battle style also changes.

Biting Edge (Dual Blade Form)

In its dual blade form, the Biting Edge can attack quickly to catch the enemy off guard with slash attacks and thrusts. Also, each God Arc part’s handles can be linked to transform into a dual-handed God Arc.


Biting Edge (Mow-Down Blade Form)

While stamina does not recover when the Biting Edge is in the mow-down blade form, things such as strike attacks from swings and jumps have a more powerful turnover rate than the dual-blade form, and are more wide-ranging. Because of this, it is important to properly switch between forms depending on the battle situation.


Ray Gun

A God Arc that can fire a “radiation shot,” whose power increases the longer it radiates. As the weapon specializes in concentrated fire on the enemy while changing your positioning, it is possible to move while shooting the radiation shot.

Once the “radiation shot” stops firing, its power resets, so it is necessary make sure of the Aragami’s openings and when to fire in order to master the weapon.

New Systems

Accelerator Trigger

A powerful passive skill that significantly strengthens the player for a short period of time upon meeting certain action-based requirements. Since you can activate Accelerator Trigger any number of times by meeting those conditions, you can continue to activate it in order to continue fighting at an advantage.

Example: Guardian

  • Requirement: Successfully perform a Just Guard
  • Effect: Increases close-range attack power for a fixed period of time



A new system that activates when teammates stay close to each other to grant various shared bonus effects. Your “Engage Percentage” will rise as you continue to fight within a certain range of your teammate, and you can activate Engage when this percentage reaches its maximum value.

The “Engage Effect,” which activates alongside the activation of an Engage, differs depending on the teammate, so it is extremely important to ascertain who you Engage with based on the battle situation.

During an Engage, teammates share an Accelerator Trigger’s bonus effect. Because of this, you can fight at even greater strength by each having each character repeatedly activating their Accelerator Trigger during the Engage period.


New Weapon: Heavy Moon – An even tougher version of Sun Shangxiang’s weapon from the Dynasty Warriors series. It is both destructive and can hit a number of times. It can transform from its circular moon shape to an ax moon shape.


Biting Edge God Arc / Anubis Aragami - Gameplay

Heavy Moon God Arc / Habakiri Aragami - Gameplay


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