The God Eater thread - God Eater 3; version 1.30 update - now available

*various info stuffs w/ pics *

Awesome…the West getting that demo.

various info stuffs

Version 1.20 (early spring)

  • Class Certification Missions - new challenge content.
  • Character Customization - new options
  • Aragami - adjustments
  • Action - various adjustments

Version 1.30 (spring)

  • Additional Story Missions - post-game additions
  • Additional Companion NPCs
  • Additional Assault Missions
  • Character Customization - additional options

Version 1.40 (early summer)

  • Time Attack Missions (title tentative) - new side game content
  • A new Aragami Approaches – Amen-Ra: An Ash Aragami that threatens to plunge everything into the abyss with its blazing orbs . A crimson horn made of highly concentrated crystal positioned atop its head is a symbol of the exceptional energy Amen-Ra possesses.
  • Certification Mission – Get “certified” by completing the mission at higher difficulties and unlock new rewards.
  • New Skin Tones for your Character – Change the complexion of your created God Eater.
  • Password Protection for your Assault Missions – Add a password for your created Assault Missions.
  • New NPC costumes – Some of your favorite NPCs can now sport new looks.
  • New hairstyles and accessories – Even more customization options are available for your God Eater.
  • Balance updates
  • Aragami
    • Adjust Havakiri’s movement and AI
    • Adjust Nemain’s section HP.
    • Adjust Ash Aragami’s frequency of devour attack
  • Action
    • Charge time of each devour action will be shortened, and make the motion speed faster when dealing devour attack and after it.
    • Motion of dealing shield guard will gets faster
    • Shortened the knockback distance of “normal guard” and “perfect guard”
    • Enable to turn around when dealing guard during jump.
    • Adjust the activate condition of some acceleration trigger.
    • Add advanced guard to Buster Blade
    • Add advanced step and advanced jump to Short Blade
    • Make the cancellation timing faster after launching Impulse Edge of Long Blade
    • Make the dealing motion of long blade’s zero stance faster
    • Shortened the charge finishing time to Charge Spear
    • Extend the time of inputting a button of Variant Scythe’s
  • Burst Arts “Hell or Heaven”
    • Powering up Biting Edge
    • Adjust Link Burst Rounds not to be disappeared when touching a field
    • Adjust healing property module not to be disappeared when touching a field
    • Adjust the motion speed of “begin to walk” and “begin to run” at base

Completed the main story campaign a while back.
Charge Spear / Sniper Gun for 1st file (current).
Biting Edge / Ray Gun for 2nd file (later).

Overall, I’m enjoying the game; the updates are appreciated, though more improvements could possibly be made later on? (hopefully).

Some gameplay elements from GE:R and GE2:RB are present to an extent and have been adapted to work in GE3, which is kinda nice (devour actions, Blood Arts, pledges, etc).

Only disappointment so far is with Custom Bullet stuffs; mainly due to cost/stock limitation. Like, you could probably make something seemingly worthwhile, but due to its (likely high) OP cost, you could only use it maybe once or twice a mission with no means to replenish stock once exhausted. 1000 total overall cost is lolz, especially when you are trying to stay under 500 in an attempt to be able to have some usage utility.