The Goddess gets picked first. (Amaterasu team compilation and team strategy)

The Goddess gets picked first. (Amatarasu team compilation and team strategy)
I wanted to start a thread for team strategies with Amarteras and why you chose the team members you did. Since Amaterasu has potential for so many strats it would be nice to share and compare as well as get advice. I try to condense the post so most if not all the information is in the first page. Due to me still trying to find a team I thought this would be a good thread. Who you have on point, what assists you have and why, and the strategy and purpose behind the team should be included in your post. Then if you want you can share team based combos etc. etc. So lets get this started.



On Point: MODOK

Assists: For MODOK, using Morrigan’s shadow blade assist for AA and Amaterasu’s Cold Star assist for additional zoning/damage
For Amaterasu and Morrigan, I use MODOK’s balloon bomb to help Amaterasu’s keepaway (cuz it’s not THAT great) as well as helping both other characters get in.
And for Morrigan, both assists serve as lockdown tools for her rushdown.

Basically my strategy revolves around MODOK keepaway for as long as I can get away with it, Amaterasu as a Keepaway/Rushdown mix and being the only guy to really use Meter (elements <3) and Morrigan is there for mostly rushdown/Shadow Blade assist.

Point: Ammy

Assists: Hulk Gamma Wave helps EVERYTHING Ammy does, whether it’s keepaway or rushdown, and works similarly for Dante. Dante uses Crystal for OTG’s (Hulk is much more effective with an OTG assist.) and help with pressure (I don’t like how Jam Session pushes them away :/) Ammy uses Cold Star, which just creates shenanigans when Dante is doing just about anything, and helps cover Hulk when he’s unsafe.

I play Ammy as mostly rushdown with the reflector, but depending on who I’m facing I’ll play keepaway instead. (In my online experience, Keepaway is a MUCH better way to deal with Sent, as most of the time he has a bit of a tough time getting around it. Just my impressions though) Dante (at least the way I play him) is VERY unpredictable, and him and Ammy are very compatible with their assists and DHCs. Hulk has awesome health, hits insanely hard, and Gamma wave is amazing. Hulk also has awesome DHCs with the other two chars, and murders anything in any sort of X-factor. Hulk is maily there to provide the health that the other two lack.

I’ve had a lot of success with this team, and in my personal experience Hulk actually works better in this kind of team than Sent.


Team Biggie Smalls.

Zero (Hadengeki) / Akuma (Hurricane Kick) / Ammy (Cold Star)
Point: Zero, but sometimes quickly Sengenmou’d and switched with Amaterasu for Super Hadengeki assist.

Cold Star would be the best assist possible if it had OTG by itself, and I haven’t even been able to use it to connect OTGs from Zero and Akuma, (if it does connect with some other character let us know).

Zero: I use Super Hadengeki to support basic bnb combos, and it helps to rush the opponent, but I haven’t found anything special to do with it.

Akuma: I haven’t checked into yet, but I bet you can do Glaive OTG connects with it somehow.

This is the weak point of my team, when Amaterasu is on point, the only help I get is Zero’s basic projectiles.

However, Cold Star is definitely a good way to hold the enemy in place while you rage on it. You can do things like connect Spencer’s AP to a new chain of combos, or make sure you hit Storm’s freezing super. Specifically with Zero, you can call it and then teleport, mixing it up for the enemy.
You can also use it for zoning very easily.

My team is almost exactly like yours but i was thinking about switching out zero with Hsien-ko because of her invincible assist. Or Sentinel cause…well why not.

HoboBullet: Zero’s combos seem more fun :slight_smile: Dive Kick + Raikousen are the best.

I was able to connect Amaterasu’s cold star with Akuma’s OTG demon flip/dive kick! \o/

X-23(Ankle Slicer)/Ammy(Cold stone)/Dante(Crystal) I really love Ammy’s Cold stone I always whiff the first hit to get people to block so I could grab them with X-23’s command grab and set up 50/50’s with X-23’s cross up teleport to make opponents block wrong. Also, Dante’s crystal hits OTG so thats a plus it also, you could set up unblockables with ankle slicer and jump in’s or by using switching sides with Ammy’s air dash. You thanks to Amm’y and Dante’s moveset’s you could keep them out and rushdown. I didn’t really play much online I’ve been in training out of the 10 matches online i’ve won 8 of them with this team I really hope my team can stand up to characters like Dorm/Storm/Sent.

Team D.A.D

Traps all day with Ammy(Cold Star) and Doom(Missile) assist with Deadpool at point

Ammy/Chris/ and alternate between Taskmaster, Spencer, Trish, Arthur. (I’m having trouble finding a third.)

Depending who I play against, say certain rushdown characters, I’ll zone with the cold star projectile and chris’s machine gun. And then rush if I can against characters who aren’t as good with defending rushdowns. Trying to find really versatile partners to compliment Amatarasu. Any thoughts?

That’s what I’ve been running with. Sometimes I’ll swap Doom for Sent for the lulz.

P: Ammy (Cold Star) A1: Zero (the not hado or srk one) A2: Dormamu (Dark Hole)

I need to tighten up my Ammy game but I have her on point because she’s flexible enough to deal with anything which lets me feel out the other player. Once I have two bars I like to DHC from elements into Zero’s QCB hyper as I’ve had tons of success with really intimidating rushdown while Zero is mirrored. Dormamu is in there because I feel I need a zoner in my team, and I’ve won too many matches doing double QCB hypers with X-Factor. I’m thinking about throwing sentinel in there somewhere because both Ammy and Zero have tiny health bars. Sadly, I’m thinking of going Sentinel-Zero-Dorm unless I can tighten up my Ammy game. As is I basically just have reflector f.H spam into launcher.

my current team: Iron man (battery), ammy (point), sent (cleanup).

iron man has good keepaway, good rushdown with coldstar and ways to get in with drones. he builds alot of meter for ammy when she comes in.

proton cannon to okami shuffle for safe tag. okami shuffle to proton cannon for really good damage to sentinel drones if need be to xfc to another drones… = serious overkill. but meh.

iron man with drones is ridic cause IM can call drones while using his buffed cr.H.

a good lock down pattern for trolling the right characters is IM on point cr.H + assist drones, cr.H, jump, L or H uni beam land and repeat.instead of air unibeam mixup with Ground H unibeam for max chip OR air dash in for pressure.

ammy and sent go excellent together as far as DHC’s, IM is also dhc compatible plus make the most of sents assist.

decent team.



cold star+plus x23 mixups to keep the opponent on heels, then ammy can come in and wreak havoc. Dante is often used as the clean up guy.



I use Morrigan as a point character because she’s pretty fast and not as squishy as Ammy, Cold Star helps her pressure game immensely, and Low Voltage is a good cover assist, and throwing it out when Morrigan gets pushblocked gives her time to close the gap back up… Morrigan can also use both assists to zone pretty effectively too (especially if I use Astral Vision).

Ammy is just beautiful, she can handle anything, I like switching into Ammy if I have a life lead because I feel if you press your advantage with a character as versatile as Amaterasu you can easily dictate the pace of a match… Low Voltage gives Ammy a cover assist, as well as additional zoning while using her Rosary. Shadow Blade gives her that much needed AAA as well. Plus Okami Shuffle is easy to DHC into OR out of (Maximum Voltage or Shadow Servant/Astral Vision).

Trish is an anchor at thus point, I haven’t gotten as proficient with her as I have with Morrigan/Ammy, so I don’t handle her as good on point yet as the other two. Either way, Cold Star is great to help Trish pressure an opponent (especially in conjunction with the long reach on her normals). Trish doesn’t need an AAA as badly as Amaterasu thanks to Peekaboo/Hopscotch but it doesn’t hurt to have another option, especially considering how quick Shadow Blade is in comparison to the traps… Air Maximum Voltage can combo into Shadow Servant OR Shuffle from a launcher combo.

tl;dr - I feel this team has good synergy, easy DHC’s are a plus, and the assists complement each character rather nicely


Lock down with beads and drones. Morg AA for GTFO me needs.

wesker otg assist ammy cold star sent charge

I mainly use sent because I am new to the game and I need his high hp and damage in case I make a mistake with the other two also it helps that he has a good assist. I know weskers assist is good but I never use it, maybe I could set up an unblockable with ammys overhead. I like all three characters not sure how well they go together but working for now.

She’s good for any team that wants to abuse meter