The Goddess of the Sun is the key


Some new idea’s are needed to be explored in order to deal with Chris G’s reign of terror. Not that I think any competitors with the experience necessary to beat Chris G will read this but it’s the only solution besides “get better”, “get 1st hit” or “get lucky” that I think we have at this moment that’s worth devoting time to. Ammy is that solution, specifically Okami Shuffle THC and maybe some DHC tricks. It the the ONLY move in the game(besides maybe some lvl3s) that can wipe all of AV Morrigan’s Soulfists off the screen and erase Doom’s missiles at the same time, it also comes with the added bonus of locking Morrigan down for an extended period of time. It makes Chris G have to change his game plan and MarlinPie’s wins(now if only he’d stop styling all day) against Chris are evidence of the cheapness that can come from Doom Laser/Ammy Okami THC. Most of his wins come from the Doom/Ammy trick to lock down Morrigan for multiple free mixups. His team also consists of an assist(Doom Beam) that can knock Doom around when he is calling out missiles which I think is also is pretty important. Marlin’s team is as close to a team built to beat Morri/Doom as we have to work off of.

Viper doesn’t really fit the bill with any tricks for the Okami shuffle to clear the screen or to use abuse Ammy’s slow time and Doom almost fits perfectly but in combination we could piece together some really useful and cheap tech with 2 other character’s free besides Ammy. Initially Dr. Strange comes to mind for a Doom replacement. His assist is arguably better than Doom beam especially for certain point characters. His Spell of Vishanti has fast start up like Doom’s lasers THC so you can punish with it, it end’s quickly and gives you 2 opportunities for free 50/50 mix up w/ teleports to open him up. Ammy’s Okami can also be used to DHC from after she clears field of all of the Morri/Doom spam and locks her down. This is where I’m thinking a character w/ a power up super could work really well. Someone like Vergil, Wolvy, Zero, Dante(?) would be useful, you can clear the field of spam and then DHC into a powered up character while she is momentarily locked down and maybe even a free mix-up if timed right. These characters can also use Ammy’s slow time super to enter safely at a major advantage even against X-factor.


Zero/Strange/Ammy - Zero can use Strange’s Bolts assist very well or Doom’s Beam this could give you the option to use Ammy as a battery(solar flare) for Zero and the Strange/Ammy THC. Zero in double mode can work well against Morri/Doom. Zero can fly around and do Zero bullshit while Ammy builds free meter if you drop cold start(I know it almost unthinkable) I think with Zero’s skittles DHCed to Strange Spell of Vishanti you can super jump up and catch them after skittles finishes w/ strange, I’m no Strange player but you might be able to loop after it to gain that all important meter back and end near positive instead of loosing meter in LLs. Strange/Doom have major meter building loops for the THC trick and an infinite. Strange and Ammy THC can result in 2 50/50’s but if the final lightning bolt causes hard knock down it is more difficult him to pick opponent than w/ Doom. Zero would work well DHCing into after an Okami clears the field or be could probably reign hell if you DHCed from SlowMo. Even Zero/Ammy THC clears the screen and leaves you at an advantage for a free mix-up.

I think Amaterasu has the essential tool to change the way things are going and we should try to develop a team that takes maximum advantage of what she brings to the table in controlling in Morri/Doom game.


There’s one really important part that you missed, and that’s Ammy’s projectile reflector. As long as she has this active, all soul fists and hidden missiles do no damage and gain no meter, so the only way for Morrigan to deal damage is to get up close and use her physical attacks. To counter the Shell Kick, Ammy can switch to the high physical reflector, get a free grab and escape all the soul fists. But I think the most important part of this tactic is picking a good get-off-me assist that can deal with a character getting close to do physical damage, with the best one I can think of being Haggar’s Double Lariat. I don’t think we have all the tools gathered to make the perfect MorriDoom counter yet, but this is a good start.

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  1. There’s a thread to post counter-tech.

  2. Calling Ammy the “key” sounds like overexaggeration to me, even with the pros she has against MorriDoom. Pretty sure there are cons to using Ammy, but I don’t know enough about her to list them.


Even that projectile reflector trick isn’t that great against her. Try switching from one to the other when you have two fireballs and shell kick coming at you at the same time. Best case scenario is that a reflected fireball will trade with shell kick.

Anyway please take this to one of the myriad theory threads.


The projectile counter pretty much only burns time, it keeps her safe momentarily but doesn’t really open up Morrigan in anyway. Maybe there is an assist that would pair well with it. Okami Shuffle THC is the “key” it does 3 things that are amazing all at one time that no other move or even combo of moves does.

The problem: Morrigan and Doom fill the almost the entire field with massive chip damage, she flies around while keeping you locked down until you try to escape and make a mistake or you get chipped out.

Okami’s THC solution: Destroy all soulfists and hidden missiles, can snipe Morrigan and/or Doom safely, if blocked it brings Morrigan back down to the ground and keeps her there for free mix ups. It instantly resets the situation and puts all the advantage in your favor at any point for 2 bars.

Chris G said he thinks MarlinPie’s team is a counter pick to his team. It is, it just needs to be worked on. I’m not even saying that Zero/Doom(Strange)Ammy is the team that should be getting worked on but not enough time has been spent with her by most people and she has a tool that fits the situation perfectly.

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