The "going away" tourny at Chinatown Fair (3.17.07)

wassup guys, issei leaves at the end of the month.

$2 entry
matches will be 2 out of 3, grand finals is 3 out of 5.
double elimination
pot will be split 70/20/10

if theres enough peeps then we will continue into a random team tourny, we ll put the names in a hat and pick or something.
a special rule should be out of towners getting to team with whoever they bring or whatever, we ll figure it out.

see everyone there.

I’ll be there, to show Issei the true power of yun kekekekekeke eventho he likes my urien

good shit bicardi, that AV is strong

yeA I have to crush scrubs spirits in that game, I will crush everybody randoming my character each match

fuck that, im entering. missed out on a lot of sparring sessions w/ issei :bluu: . I’ll be shipping him home with an ass full of kunais >:).

no homo btw

whats a good time to start? maybe 2 or 3 ish?

3pm kekekekekeke

I am down lets do this thing O yeah sorry about not showing up to TGA bacardi we still have to settle the score. I will see you at CF tournament.

isnt justin running a NYClan event the very same day?

bacardi is hands down my fuckin hero especially with the apocalypse av

dxp- is he? i wouldn t know, either way its got to happen since it can t be on the weekend of the 24th.

If your doing random teams don’t let out of towners team up, that defeats the purpose. You could split up the top players though.

cvs2/arcana heart tournaments too? I’ll run one if I go.

zaelar- its up to you

yes lets all play kamui hearts

y is issei leaving I thought he was here for school? but it was great that he came to TGA that one time

WHOOT WHOOT people post more I wanna people to show up.

I Want Tinshi First Round!!!

damn Issei leaving…i think i only beat him about 3 times…when he was yawning at my playstyle. lol

good shit Kofiend…this sounds like fun. I’ll round up the rest so we can make this a good turnout.

Bacardi we can settle up too. first to 3 $20?

actually i think I want hold dat first

First to 3 $20…

after i knock your ass into the losers bracket